Saturday, December 19, 2009

I just don't get it.

So, as a Christian there's constantly the expectation that you will not talk about your beliefs at work, in school, or basically anywhere public and it's just completely inconsiderate to say anything about your religion that could be offensive in anyway.

BUT, it's completely acceptable for the unbelievers to bash your beliefs and religion, and basically call you a close minded, insane idiot...with absolutely no argument or repercussions.

This stems from Miles' friend Ian's status on Facebook...

"I love feeling confident in the fact that when earth is finally destroyed by insecure people supporting the fictitious will of their fake ass deities... I will have not contributed to it."

That just makes me angry and I don't like it one bit.

But, I really don't have much else to say about it...probably because I don't feel like typing and because I'm quite tired.

In a completely unrelated, but totally awesome, subject...I don't have to work tomorrow! Finally a day off! I am stoked.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oy vey.

So, I can't say I'm excited about the next week.
Here's how my work schedule is looking:

Friday (tomorrow): 3-7 at service
Saturday: 11-7:30 supervising (which isn't that bad, it's just a long time to stand)
Sunday: Off (I'm super glad I never work on Sundays)
Monday: 2-7 at service
Tuesday: 11-7:30 supervising
Wednesday :2-7 at service
Thursday: 11-7:30 at service (that is going to be the worst)
Friday: 7-12:15am (yep, we're closing at midnight next do they think that's a good idea?)
Saturday: 7-12:15am

That's a total of 36 hours for next week, and I'll be working 6 days in a row.

Okay, I know lots of people work way more hours than that all the time, but I'm just dreading the people. Everyone has problems and everyone needs help with something and I can't help everyone at the same time.

The good news is that I'll be quitting in the hopefully near future. I do enjoy about 75% of the people I work with, but I'll be much happier when I'm not working there...I think. I do wonder if working makes me appreciate the days when I'm not working more, but I guess it's something I'll have to find out first hand.

And I want a baby.
If it's in the plan...
But I do hope it is...they're just so cute!

Cassie came over for lunch today. We had planned on having it yesterday, then her work was closed so we postponed for tomorrow. She called me around 1:30 asking if we could do lunch today instead, so I whipped up little smokies and seasoned fries. She got lost on the way here, but eventually found it. The bad thing about people getting lost in this neighborhood is that I can't direct them to go the right way because I really don't know my way around it. We ate food and chatted a bit, then it was time for me to go to work. She had mentioned how her car was having trouble getting up hills the past couple of days because of the snow. So, of course when we were leaving her car couldn't get up the hill. Luckily this guy walked down the street, saying he was from Colorado, and he helped her figure out how to get out. I really didn't want to leave her, but she called and told me just to go. Probably around 3:20 she showed up at Kmart and I saw her leaving after she bought some milk. She said she had just gotten out of there. I think it's time for her to get some new tires. Her car should totally be powerful enough to make it up very slight hills in the snow.

Now I've lost the desire to type...I don't think I have all that much more to say...other than blah, again.

or Bleh. I think bleh actually fits better.

Monday, November 30, 2009


This is what I've designed for my parents. My mom said she liked it, but I guess we'll see if they print it or not.

This is what I designed for Miles and me to send out as Christmas/Wedding Thank You cards. The back will be just brown with white text and a green line on the bottom.

And this is what I've designed for Aimee and Josh. I think Aimee quite liked it, so I hope they use it.

I've just been in the designing mood lately. Last night I finished the pictures of Katie's aunt's family, and today I finished Trisha's senior pictures. Now I'm going to work on the Mays' family pictures! Then I'll work on a few of the pictures I took of Aimee, Josh and Collin then on to Marissa's senior pictures.

It's nice to see the break I'll be getting from pictures. Then in January I will be doing pictures at Rebekah and Steven's wedding.

I've also been in the crafting mood. This year anyone who is getting a gift card from us for Christmas will be getting the gift card in a little box. And I've been making bows out of paper from books, vellum, magazine pages, and scrapbook paper.

Also, I'm sure tired. I went to sleep at 5 this morning and woke up at 10:30. I wasn't tired when I went to sleep, when I woke up or for most of the day. Now my head hurts and I'm a little hungry. I had a sandwich when I got home from Trisha's senior show and it wasn't too delicious. Maybe I'll have some chips while I edit pictures...maybe.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm about 60% done with Trisha's pictures. Only 60%!
I've barely started on Jamie's family pictures!
And Mandy, I'm sorry, but I haven't worked on any more of your family pictures!

Oy vey!
I'm trying to work, work, work away at them.

Today I worked 2-10:15. My legs hurt.
Tomorrow I'm helping Trisha (different Trisha from the aforementioned) with her photo project. Really I should be spending my time working on my myriad of photo projects, but I just can't say no to helping!
And Amber doesn't have to work tomorrow evening so as of now I'm planning on making her come over to eat sketti.
I'm sure plans will change, but I think it's a nice, rough outline of the day.

I think I'd like to have a baby.
Maybe, baby? I think so.

They're just so cute.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm going to the doctor today. Really I should have gone on Tuesday, but I put it off. I keep thinking that there has to be some way that I can cure my ear problem myself.
I've tried ear drops, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, hand suctioning, yanking my ear every which way, sleeping on that ear, warm water, sleeping on a heating pad, q-tips (I know, the doctor will probably yell at me for this), drying it with a hair dryer, and last night I tried sweet oil.
Nothing has worked for me. Now it's just starting to actually have a little pain with it. I don't know if that's from the water/wax combination happening in there, or if I just poked and messed around with my ear too much.
Either way, today I'm giving up, giving in, and going to the doctor.

I'm excited to be done with all of these photos. I think I'd like to do crafty things. I want to make more boxes, make magnets, make some shirts, decorate frames, bake some cookies, etc. I just want to!

Yesterday I designed a Christmas/Thank You card for us. We never sent out thank you cards for the wedding, oops, so these cards will double as both. Then I am going to design a Christmas card for my parents. It's fun.

Now I should get ready for the day so I can get this ear fixed and maybe stop by Hobby Lobby.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I just can't concentrate.

I got off work at 10:15 tonight. I got home around 10:30 and cooked a cheese pizza. I made Miles a lunch then we read chapter 21 in Matthew then he went to work. Since midnight I've been working on pictures...kind of. I can't just concentrate! I'm totally not excited about these pictures. I'm tired of looking at the same face!

I'll survive and finish them eventually. Hopefully sooner than later.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the doctor about this here ear. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it's just not getting any better. I'm hoping that it's something that can be fixed quickly and simply.

Today at work there was a man named Darnell that was trying to return a watchband that he had bought 397 days ago. Yep, that's like a year and a month. You know why he was trying to return it? It broke. Okay, $8 watchbands break after a year. He kept saying, "I'm just trying to get my money back, it's broken, I can't use it anymore." He had even cut under the barcode thing I scan that shows the date that it was paid for. My goodness, this whole situation lasted for probably 15 minutes before I started to get frustrated. When I'm angry at work I just get quiet and hit the keys hard. Then he says, "How old are you?" So, I told him 22. He responds with, "I have a daughter that is 36 and she respects her elders because I raised her to respect children and adults." And I said, "Okay." Then he kept telling me not to be mad. Then he said, "I'm a pastor, I'm a prophet, God loves you, God bless your life." And I just responded with, "Oh, you're a prophet?" In a semi-sarcastic way. He then told me that Jesus will return soon to which I just said, "Oh, I know, I know." Then he left and I told him to have a sarcastically lovely day.
There was a lady wanting to return some stuff right after him or I would have talked to him more about all of that. He did ruin my night for a while though.

In other news, I need to exercise. I feel humoung-o right now.

And maybe I should work on these pictures more. Ohhhhh I want to be done with this set!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mandy can leave comments now!

I love Sundays. Especially right now.
I haven't slept much the last couple of days. Today I slept until 1:30 after going to sleep at 3:45 last night/this morning.
AND I can't edit pictures today (not that I'd even want to!).
Okay, let's get this straight. I do highly enjoy editing pictures. But, there are so many pictures to edit and it takes so long! Sooo very long.
It's nice to have a forced break.

Also, Sunday's are nice because I always listen to an abundance of studies, read, relax and go to Bible study.

At the moment I'm sipping on some coffee and sorting out clothes that need to be put away.
I really don't mind doing laundry, but I really hate putting them away. That's the worst.

The good news about this whole photo thing is that next Saturday I am taking some senior pictures for a girl named Marissa from DeKalb and that's the last thing I have set up until the beginning of next year! Yay! I'm stoked to have a break and be able to take some pictures for fun again, though I'm sure I really won't. I'll probably just work on my website more when I get the chance. I do like the way it's looking but I just can't ever get too much done on it before I start messing things up and start thinking it looks stupid.

I just took about half an hour break from writing this.
I got sidetracked.

I made some smokies.
Mine are wrapped in biscuits and are cooking in the over.
Miles' are covered in BBQ sauce and cooking on the stove.
Yay, smokies!
I'm pretty excited to eat mine...they have cheddar in the inside. Fancy!

Christmas is soon. I'm excited about that, but not at all at the same time. I love making gifts and such for people and I have been in the mood to watch some old Christmas movies and bake some cookies and such while drinking hot chocolate and wearing fuzzy socks. That sounds nice. But, I really hate Kmart this time of year. It's so busy and people are so mean and I just don't enjoy it. Boo.

I guess that's it for the day. Tootles.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I just finished Danielle's pictures!
I still need to edit Paige's pictures!
Tomorrow (today) I'm taking Sarah's pictures!
I was supposed to take Zoe's pictures Saturday but she's been sick so she's postponed (to the 21st)!
I got a call about taking some photos of Trisha's (girl from East Buchanan who has asked me about taking senior pictures) mom's grandson...aka Trisha's nephew!
I asked Trisha if she could switch from the 21st to this Saturday and she said no!

The 21st is going to be a crazy, crazy day!

Saturday night I'm going to Cracker Barrel! I'm stoked!

I have a feeling the power is going to go out tonight. I don't know that it's storming or even raining at all, but I did hear something that sounded like thunder.

I'm hungry and tired. Tired definitely wins because it's 3:30am and I have to wake up around 10 to take senior pictures at 1.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Sick and Burnt Out

I am getting so burnt out on pictures. GASP!
It seems like it's all I ever do...except for sleep and moan about my throat pain.
Okay, so I like taking pictures, I like editing pictures, etc. But, since September it's all I've been doing. It's getting so monotonous. Maybe it's not the pictures that I'm getting tired of, but the quantity instead. Especially this week.
I've been sick (who knew?!). Wednesday I took some senior pictures because I was thinking that I was feeling good. Of course half way through it I started to feel not great again. I'm still working on pictures from last Saturday, though those are pretty close to being done. And, I have two photo shoots tomorrow. I'm sooo dreading tomorrow. For one, I just know that I'm going to not feel good tomorrow. And, for two, I have no idea how to pose people for family photos. I had a dream the other day that I was at that photo shoot and I had no idea what to do. Maybe Miles will come with me? I think I could use some help with that.

This is what I want:
1. To feel 100% better.
No more of this not hungry, everything sounds disgusting, horribly sore throat and headache thing. It's just getting annoying. I go to sleep freezing and wake up hot and sweating.
2. To be done with pictures for just one week.
I love the feeling I get when I finish editing the last picture from a shoot. Then I get to upload them on Facebook, get the CDs to the person, and be done. Ah! I want that feeling with every project I have coming up and currently taking place. I want to be able to just relax for a little bit and not feel like I'm wasting time.

That's it! Is that so much to ask for?! It seems there's no end in sight! (I do actually think that December will be much better...or at least I hope so).

In kind of other news. I had to open at work today. I was actually not dreading it because I only had to work til 12 and it's never too horrible.
Back story: I was supposed to work yesterday (7:45-3) but Miles called in for me (I like him) because I woke up with a fever the night before and he didn't want me to go to work...and I didn't want to go to work.
So, I get there today. All is well, I put money in the drawers, get everything in its place, etc. Then, I look at the daily schedule to see who my cashier will be. It's Kim, which is cool. But, the thing is that Kim wasn't coming in until 9. Okay, so no big deal, that first hour is usually so dead that we don't need more than one person. But, wait! There's more! Other than a manager (who, by the way, was Wanda who happened to leave at 8am aka opening time) the only other person there, on the floor, was Johnnie who was running Layaway, Sports, Electronics, everything on that side of the store. My jewelry, ladieswear, everything else people weren't coming in until 9. Okay, so first I just think, "Well, what if someone calls and wants to know if we have something? Crap." But, no that didn't happen! Instead someone wanted to see if we had the necklace/bracelet combo in the ad for Friday only. I hadn't worked in jewelry for months, and since I had been back there they've changed the locks and moved things around. So, I went over and searched for the necklace and bracelet, having no idea where they'd have it. After people started lining up at service, Sharon walked in and came to my rescue. She helped the lady in jewelry before clocking in.
Then, everything was fine. It wasn't busy, I had enough help, no one got completely angry. Then! I was talking to Kim about how I was getting off work at 12, while looking at the schedule. It said I was working til 3. Now wait, my schedule in the back said 12, Alma was coming in at 12, why am I here til 3? Who knows? I asked Steve if I was staying til 12 or 3 and he said, "You're staying til 3!" To which I replied, "Awwww, really?" in a very whiny tone.
Okay, so 12 comes around, and I don't feel horrible. Then 1 comes around. Yep, I'm feeling pretty horrible now. From about 12:30 to 3 I was miserable. Customers would ask if I was okay, or tired, and when I'm sick I can't talk to people I don't know about how I'm sick. I also can't get sympathy. Both of those things make me cry.

So, I stopped by my momma's house, dropped of my laundry, and came home. I slept for probably an hour and a half or something like that and I woke up sweating again.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a day.

Sunday night my sinuses started hurting.
Monday my throat hurt, my back hurt, I was cold, I was hot, and my stomach didn't feel awesome.
Today I had to work from 7:45 to 3. I was convinced that I'd be fine and that I would feel better being active. Miles told me to call in, but I mean, I thought I was fine...and I really hate being an inconvenience for anyone.
So, I went it. I really didn't feel horrible for the first hour. Then it was all down hill from there. When I went to lunch I bought a thermometer and took my temperature. It was 99.7, no big deal. I was freezing. I think I spent most of the day crouched down in the corner behind the service desk with the heater pointed at me. But, then I'd get super hot. There were multiple times when I almost started crying, because really it's not hard to make me cry, especially when I'm sick. When I went to break I took my temperature again, and that time it was 101.0. I told Dana, my cashier, and she kept telling me how I needed to go home. I just really didn't want to ask if I could go. I had told Steve, the store manager, that I felt horrible, and Erin, an assistant manager, knew that I felt horrible. I just hoped that one of them would tell me to go home, but of course they didn't, darn the luck. Dana kept telling Steve that he needed to send me home.
Finally it was 3, after the longest day of work ever...EVER! I was feeling a little better so I stopped and got a taco so I could eat really quick when I got home then sleep.
As I was getting onto Frederick from I-29, I was rear ended. Apparently someone thought it was a good idea to just put a stop sign at that intersection. I started to pull up slowly so I could see better, but it was incredibly difficult to see when anyone was actually going to be going. Then, a dude named Dana in a black truck, I believe it was a GMC hit me. I just started crying. Not really because I got hit, but because it had been an atrocious day and all I wanted to do was go home...and I was so close! He got out of the truck and we popped the trunk to make sure it worked, which it does. Both of our license plates are dented. But, the left brake light is loose, and the trunk no longer lines up correctly. Oy vey.
I had no idea what to do. I tried calling Miles but he was sleeping, which is what I figured. We pulled into the Days Inn parking lot and he gave me his number and said that his name was Dana.
Argh. Now he's pretty much dodging us. I should have called the cops, but I was just upset and had never been in a wreck before...and what can I say, I trust people.
He doesn't want to involve insurance because he doesn't want his premium to go up. The thing is that we are totally cool with not bringing insurance into it, if he's willing to pay the repair cost. When Miles called him he said that he didn't cause the tail light to be broken, and was very shady with his license plate number.
I came home after the whole ordeal and just started bawling. I woke Miles up and he started making calls. I like him.
The worst part about it is that I shouldn't have moved the car and I should have called the police.

In other news, I still don't feel great. I took my temp a few minutes ago and it was 100.3. I'm currently freezing and my back and neck hurt. I laid down from about 5:30 to 10. I didn't sleep well. I had the heating pad on for my back then I woke up sweating, so I turned it off and threw it on the floor. The rest of the time I was laying down I felt like I still had the heating pad on.
I made some soup, and ate very little of it. Miles ran to the store and picked me up some popsicles and Sprite. Again, I like him.

I don't have to work tomorrow, luckily, but I am taking some senior pictures. Let's hope I feel better so I can get those out of the way. I have a ton of pictures coming up! Saturday was McKenzie, tomorrow is Danielle, Saturday is some family pictures and Paige, sometime in the near future is a girl named Sarah, then the 7th is Zoe.

Now I think I'll go watch part of a movie with Miles while he eats some food before he goes to work.

I hope this all gets better!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Let me see...

I'm almost done with Jay's pictures!

There's lots of them.

I'm closing at work tonight. It should be okay, closing is the least miserable. Miles is getting his hair cut tonight at 5, so he has to take me to work and pick me up. Afterward we're going to do a little shopping.
Tomorrow I am taking McKenzie's pictures. I don't know what time though...I should find that out today. I'm trying to get Aimee to come along for some help directing and making conversation run more smoothly, but I don't think she wants to.
Then tomorrow evening there's an Office gathering at Mandy's! (Do you like how I say it's at Mandy's like other people read this?!) I'm excited! Tonight I am going to make some foil and paper clip medals.

Yesterday I had the day off, which was nice. I edited some pictures, went to Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, and Wal Mart, edited some more pictures, then watched Collin from 6 to 7:30. That boy just thinks he's in charge.

I guess for now I should work on these pictures. I need to get as many done today as possible.
I'll be getting more Saturday, and more Wednesday, and more next Saturday (possibly x2), then the Saturday after! Yay for being overwhelmed!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I should be sleeping.

Yes, I really should be sleeping right now. I'm going to wake up at 7:45 in the morning. That will give me time to get ready for the day, finish some paper work, and maybe watch the new NCIS episode (YAY!) before going to Kansas City. Eek.

There are three main parts to tomorrow.

1. Appointment with the lady doctor.
2. Lunch and a trip to Gordman's with my momma, Mandy and Miles' momma.
3. Bible study

Miles invited a few people to Bible study tomorrow.
Matt K said he can't unless it's a super late Bible study.
Ally says she has midterms.
(Matt and Ally are both out of town.)
Bobby says he has class til 6 but might be able to come over after that.
Zach says he already has plans.

I just don't think people want to go to Bible study.

In other news, I've been super emotional the last couple of days. I attribute it to stress, mainly. I've been working on these senior pictures for what seems like forever now. I did get Leeanne's done. It shouldn't take too much horribly longer to get Jessie's done. And, I've only edited 3 of Jay's pictures. Starting with Jay I am going to go through the pictures and write down 100 of them that I will edit extensively. I figure that even if I don't tell him that he probably won't notice. I mean, I won't delete the rest, but only 100 will be vintagey, or black and white, or sepia, etc. That will reduce my work load tremendously.
I've been working about 5 days a week at Kmart, then coming home, editing pictures, and cooking dinner. Then I've been going out and taking senior pictures. It's been busy.

I was supposed to take Paige's senior pictures this coming Saturday. As of yesterday I won't be doing that anymore. DeKalb's softball team won districts so they'll be playing this Saturday. She wants to reschedule for the 31st, but I don't know if that'll work for me. Wanda put a note on the schedule saying that not everyone that asks for it off will get it I figure we'll see when the time comes. If I am working on Halloween then we're going to try to do her pictures on the 14th of November. The reason this is important is that now I have a completely free Saturday! I asked to have it off work since I was going to be doing the pictures, and now I'm not...awesome. I will be happy.

But I guess now I should sleep. I am getting tired, luckily. And, I open Thursday at Kmart, so it'll help me to be a little tired tomorrow night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I just don't like football, okay?

Miles and I have come to my parents' house to watch the Missouri - Nebraska game. I just don't like watching football. It's confusing and boring and long and it makes Miles yell, jump, and run around the room. It's far too emotional.
My parents actually aren't here at the moment. They've gone to Uncle D's to eat dinner, but they're supposed to head back here after they're done. I've decided to make the night productive and do some laundry. I was thinking about working on my website, but then I realized that I just didn't want to.

I've been working too often, I think. I work Monday 7:45-3, Tuesday 7:45-3, Wednesday 7:45-12, today 12-4 and I work tomorrow 7:45-12. Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad, really, but I just don't want to wake up early again. Then next week I am working 7:45-2 Monday and Thursday, then I think I'm closing on Friday 3-10:15...and I'm working Tuesday but I don't remember what the hours are. Either way I have Wednesday off for my dreaded doctor's appointment (ugh).

Saturday I am taking Jay's senior pictures. It should be a good time and I'm really hoping that it's not horribly cold, cloudy or windy. I am stoked to get to actually use my new lens, though. I got it on Tuesday and I haven't really had a chance to use it. It'll make me happy. I think Miles is coming along for those pictures, so that should be alright.

In other, more excited, news: I had Taco Bell for dinner tonight and it was delicious. I had a double decker without lettuce and a crunchy taco without lettuce. Nummy.

I've been thinking about other things I could do with my photography stuff. I'm not really sure about the whole thing.
This is my new idea:
Senior-esque pictures but with non-seniors. Basically, just charge like $75 to go out for a couple of hours and take pictures of people (probably girls, because guys aren't huge models). Just have fun with it and they get to basically just be like models.
I think it'd be fun, but then again I also think that every girl that I take pictures of needs to want to wear a dress...and they don't seem to agree. Maybe I'll try to do something of the sort in the future, but probably not.
But, I was talking to Justin the other day about my new lens and pictures I've been taking. I told him how I just need a girl to wear a dress because it's so much prettier and it would be more fun for me to take and edit the pictures. Basically, a girl standing by a wall in jeans and t-shirt is just a girl standing by a wall, but a girl standing by a wall in a flowy (that's not really a word...what?) dress is so much more interesting and pretty! Anyway, Justin said that I should tell everyone that they can wear whatever they want and however many things they want, but tell them they should bring something semi-formal. I like it!
I'll suggest it to my next couple of girls.

Maybe I'll find some other way to occupy my time here. Too bad I can't edit pictures while I'm here...that's really what I should be doing. Oy vey.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1:59 am

I feel pretty blah right now. I was scheduled to work 2-6 today, which sucks in some regards, but is awesome in others. Let's skip to the 'why it's awesome' aspects: 1) I don't have to wake up early 2) It's only 4 hours 3) There are usually 2 cashiers for most of the shift 4) I don't have to be there until 10:15! Jay ended up calling in early today (yesterday) so MaryAnn called and asked if I could come in at 4 and stay until close instead. I said that I could, of course. Working nights generally makes me feel not awesome because I come home hungry and not wanting to prepare anything. Like tonight I had planned on making tacos for dinner. When I got home I was too hungry wait to actually make anything, and it was too late, and Miles was sleeping, so I just ate some ramen noodles, cocoa pebbles and some bbq chips. Thinking of all of those things together is gross.


Anyway, I'm pretty stoked for Saturday. I'm taking LeeAnne's pictures. She wants a country theme which should be okay. I am ready for someone who doesn't want a country theme. I am ready for someone who wants some really, really super fun photos and won't think my ideas are stupid/crazy. Which brings me to Jessie! Jessie is Kristi's friend who goes to Lafayette. We're going to try to do her pictures on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I'm even more stoked for those because I think my ideas will fly better with her than anyone else. Then next Saturday is going to be Jay time. That'll be fun. Jay is so full of ideas and is so excited.

I really want to not work at Kmart anymore. I still enjoy the people I work with, for the most part, and I really don't mind actually working, but I'm just getting tired of it. I don't like not being able to cook dinner and having to put up with ridiculous customers. I really hate answering the phone while I'm trying to check someone out. And I hate getting scolded by Maggie and/or Eric for not chasing people out of the store (yo, bro, I'm not chasing people outside...last time I checked that was not my job). I also hate when Maggie comes in at night to shop and starts rattling off commands to me.

I just want to take pictures, edit those pictures, take more pictures, edit those pictures, and maybe design the occasional wedding invitation. I want to be able to decide when my hours are. I'd love to be able to hang around home on most week days just working on pictures and go take pictures on Saturdays. That'd be lovely. But, I guess if it's supposed to happen that way, it will. So, I'll wait and see how it goes down.

I just don't want to be at Kmart between November 1st and January 15th. No thank you, Ma'am.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I feel like a dunce.

Last night I got impatient.

NCIS's season 7 premiere was last night at 7, and NCIS: Los Angeles was to follow directly after. We don't have cable so I had planned on watching them both online. For some reason I thought I'd see if anyone had uploaded them by 9:30 last night (which really was stupid because they still would have been playing on the west coast). I found one of those yahoo question/answer things about where to watch it. So, I clicked and it took me to a blogspot. There was a video embedded on the page but it wasn't loading. So, I refreshed then it came up. When I pressed play it said I needed to download an extension thing, and recently I've kept getting these pop up things saying I needed to update flash, so I figured it had something to do with that. I clicked it and the screen went black then to a blue screen that said Windows was shut down so the computer wouldn't be harmed.


Miles had set up the computer to have a last good configuration we could resort to if the computer messed up, but apparently I messed it up too bad to even do that. I had to totally restart everything on the computer and put it back to how it is when you get it out of the box.


Sure, it's technically okay now, but anything saved to the computer is lost. I didn't really have all that much saved except for a few Illustrator files that I really should have backed up for some reason never did. But, I guess Miles had a bunch of video files saved to the computer that were backed up. Those are gone.


Now we have to reinstall Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Which means I will have to go back through all of the Photoshop actions I have on two CDs and find the ones I actually use. That wouldn't be such a big deal, but their names are so obscure, like "photoshop_coloring__action by night_fate 11049" or "princessdarkness set 57" and I use a bunch of the ones that are just numbered. That will not be a good time.

Anyway, I just feel like a huge dumb-o. We didn't have any virus protection in the first place, which I'm sure didn't help the situation at all. I think maybe this time around we should get something to keep stupid trojans away from my precious, precious, Adobe Suite.

In other news, once I got the computer back to a functioning state last night I watched the season premiere of NCIS and NCIS:LA. I have to say that the season finale of NCIS last season was better than the season premiere. And, there was a fight scene in NCIS:LA that made it seem like I was watching a Kung Fu movie, as I would here the punch then see it (watching fast paced things online doesn't always work out for the best).

In other, good, news:
-This Saturday I think I am going to take more pictures of Lauren (but as of now it's supposed to be rainy, so I don't know how that will go).
-October 3rd I am taking some senior pictures. (I sent the girl a message on Facebook today and she responded with a bunch of I don't know if she meant to or if it was accidental, and she was using her phone. Let's say I hope it was accidental and that she'll actually send me a real message later because if not I'll feel super dumb sending her another message later.)
-October 10th I'm taking Jay's senior pictures. (That will be a good time. Jay won't be shy or timid or anything of the sort and he's full of ideas.)
-My friend Kristi has found me another person to take pictures of! Her name is Jessie and I don't know her, but I told Kristi to tell her to add me on Facebook. She had told me about her a few weeks ago, but today she had text me and said that Jessie's parents were cool with me taking her pictures. So, we'll see how that goes!
-I think I may be talking Preston into letting me take his senior pictures. (Preston is a strange kid. He makes videos with his friends of them like jumping off cars into bushes, off roofs into bushes, into the river from a bridge with a box on...etc. Anyway, I think he'd be fun to take pictures of because they could be totally different from any other pictures.)
-Amanda, the girl that cuts my hair, called me on Monday and left me a message about taking her family's pictures. She didn't tell me how many people and I was working at the time. I called her back yesterday but I guess she doesn't work on Tuesdays, so I left her a message. She said it'd be sometime in November.

For now I should take a shower. I have to work from 2-6 today. (boo)
When I get home I'm going to try to install those programs...wish me luck as I'm not good at technical computer problems...I fix things by rebooting the computer, just like an old man would.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I don't close at all this week...I only work one shift that is over 4 hours...AND...I have Saturday off.

This is wonderful.

I've been in the process of editing pictures from South Dakota. They're looking alright. I haven't had time to just sit down and edit a bunch to finish them, but I assume that I will sometime this week.
I also feel like making things this week. Tomorrow I am going to take a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy more scrapbook paper. This next Sunday is a baby shower to Megan (I don't really know her, but she married Seth who is the son of my parents' friends.) I'm not going, but I think my mom might be. I am going to send a gift with her. I've decided that I am going to decorate a box with blue paper and put the baby's name, Harper, on the top. Inside the box will be a few small, probably plain white, onesies and maybe something else. I think it'll be cute.

I've also been trying to think of some things I could make for people for Christmas. I'm not really sure what to do so far, but I'm excited to get started on whatever it will be.

In other news, I am going to buy a new lens...again! This time it will be a wide angle lens, so I'm stoked. That should be fun.
And this Saturday I'm going to take some pictures. It will be either up at my great grandparents' old farm or at Mt. Mora cemetery. I'm really hoping for the farm because I can go to the cemetery at any time. I guess we'll see. It all depends on my mom and grandma. I hope they're still up for it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've been editing pictures for most of the day. I'm getting bored with it...but luckily I'm on pictures 900 out of 1050ish. I don't actually have 150 left to edit, so that's good. I'll be happy when I'm done.

I've also been playing some Donkey Kong. Miles and I were playing a game together but against each other. Of course he won, but I'm still trying to beat the game. I'm not a natural video game player, so it's tricky, but I'm definitely improving.

Tonight Miles and I are going to Fairway, Kansas to visit with Ian and Sarah. They're moving next week (I think it's next week) to Colorado. I've made her a box, and I don't think I've taken pictures of it yet, so I should make sure to do that before I wrap it up. Hers contains Swedish Fish since they're her favorite candy.

Also, I've been listening to these people...

...and I like them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm insanely tired.

Miles and I got back from South Dakota around 8:30 tonight. When we got back I played a little Donkey Kong while Miles finished listening to the Mizzou game. Then, I decided that it'd be a good idea to eat some dinner. I made this lasagna hamburger helper stuff that was actually pretty tasty. Miles fell asleep on the couch right after I started making it. He's still sleeping and I need to put the food in the fridge.

I've also been working on Katie's senior pictures. They're coming along, but there are so many of them and I haven't really had much time to work on them. I have a couple days off this week, so I'm thinking I can use that time to hopefully (fingers crossed) finish them up.

South Dakota proved to be a pretty good time. We got stuck in the rain on the way up there. Then we got the to hotel around 4 or 5. We swam for a little bit then ordered some Ruby Tuesday and it was pretty good as far as food goes. It had swiss cheese on it, which I can't say that I'm a fan of, so that made it a little less awesome. Miles fell asleep around 9, so I just watched some Project Runway/CSI: Miami (I know that NCIS can be hokey, but CSI: Miami is ridiculous), Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien which was funny, and a little bit of The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. Poor Jimmy Fallon...he's totally unfunny, but he tries so hard. I felt bad for him because he'd leave a few seconds after jokes so people could laugh but no one was ever laughing. I ended up trying to go to sleep around midnight, but the bed wasn't comfortable, so I couldn't really sleep. Miles woke up around 5 and he woke me up around 7. We went to get some breakfast (free, continental, breakfast...what does continental mean, anyway?) We hung around the room until 11 when we had to check out. Then we headed to Falls Park to hang out, eat lunch, and take pictures. First it was slightly chilly and gloomy, then it got really warm and really sunny. Miles and I both ended up getting burned.
After we left the park we headed to the "Japanese Garden" park thing. Really it was just a walkway that had some stone paths, bamboo doors, and a couple of little stone areas to sit in. It was a disappointment. After we left Sioux Falls, we headed right out of town to the Heartland Corn Maze. It was an alright time. Basically this big corn field had the shape of a butterfly, caterpillar, and cocoon cut out and you have to find the answers to questions on a paper they give you at the beginning. That would have been more fun if it wasn't so muddy and if I wasn't carrying my camera bag around.
Then we headed home.

I love coming home after trips. I think it's my favorite part.

Basically, I'm really super tired right now. I think I am going to finish getting ready for bed, pack up that hamburger helper and go to sleep.
Eventually I'll upload some Sioux Falls pictures, but probably not until I get Katie's pictures all edited.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not much to say.

I would really rather not work tonight. It won't be too bad because I close with Dosia and Manda, but still. I don't think anyone that can cover my breaks will be working. Well, Manda can, but she'll be manager and I hate having the manager cover my break.

Anyway, tomorrow Miles and I are leaving for South Dakota. We'll leave around 10 and hopefully get there around 3. We're supposed to be able to check into our hotel at 3, so that'll work out nicely. Then I think we're just going to hang around, eat out and maybe swim some. On Saturday we're going to go to this festival thingy that looks like Trails West to me, but it's free (which is why I no longer like Trails West). We're also going on a picnic at Falls Park, but I'm thinking this festival thing might take place there also. Either way I'm going to be taking pictures.

I'm trying to work on Katie's pictures some before work. I'm just really not excited to work on them. I don't know why, I'm usually stoked to edit pictures. Maybe it's because I know it's going to take ages, and I don't want to do it. I don't know.

Either way I should just stop typing and edit some more so I can get up to 300 before I have to get ready for work.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, ho, ho.

I took Katie's senior pictures yesterday. That was an alright time. We said we'd meet at Farris' truck stop at 1. I got off work at 12 and had planned on bringing everything with me so I could just stop by my parents' house to change, eat, and start some laundry before rushing out there. But, of course, I forgot the clothes to change into. So, I rushed home, rushed around to make a sandwich and change, rushed to get gas, rushed to my parents' house, rushed back out to the car and rushed out to Farris'. I ended up getting there around 12:50. So, I thought at most I had about 10 minutes before heading out to take pictures. It got to be 1:05 and Katie was no where to be found. I texted her and asked if she was on her way she responded with a 'yes'. So I sat and waited longer. About 10 minutes later I texted her again to see if she was close and she didn't respond. So, I start thinking that maybe something happened to her, because as far and I knew she was driving when she texted me back and now she wasn't responded and hadn't shown up yet. So, I call her. She says she can now see Farris'. Katie had previously told me she only lived 5 minutes from Farris'. Basically, she showed up at 1:30 which was a little upsetting, but ultimately not a huge deal.

We went to her mom's friend's house. They had a pond and a long gravel drive way. Her mom brought their horse over to take pictures with. His name was Jack and he was pretty. We took those photos, then headed to Krug Park with a Kmart pit stop. My external flash kept saying "bat" which I assume means the battery is going to die...because really, what else could it mean that makes any kind of sense? So, I bought some batteries before heading out there. While at Kmart Katie moved her stuff over from her car to the Camry so we both didn't have to drive. When we got to Krug we took a few pictures on some stairs then went to the theater. I was carrying around some of her clothes and my camera bag so I wasn't very coordinated. After leaving Krug we went downtown. Katie was changing into this black and white gingham shirt (that was super cute) and couldn't find her black tank top that she had brought to wear underneath it. So, she says, "I think you lost my black tank top. I brought it for this shirt." So, I look around the clothes in the back and couldn't find it. Then I felt bad, I mean, you're not supposed to lose people's clothes when taking their picture. So, I offered to buy her a new one. She says no and that it isn't a big deal, but kind of in a "you lost my shirt" way. She found a white tank top to wear underneath the black and white one and all was well.

After all of the pictures were taken we headed back to Kmart so I could drop her off. While moving things back to her car she says, "Look! I had an extra one in my car!" She found the black tank top that she accused me of dropping...but didn't say that I didn't actually lose the shirt. What?! Not fair! I didn't lose her shirt, she just didn't move it over!

In other news, I was driving behind a motorcycle yesterday on the way to watch Miles and boys play volleyball. It's license plate said AR 6HH. Just remember that the numbers used on license plates are more round...okay, it looked like it said ARGHH, and it made me laugh.

Now I should stop wasting time and start editing these pictures before I have to work tonight.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

That is Katie's cousin. I met them at Krug Park yesterday at 2 to take her pictures. Katie had told me that she was in some way mentally handicapped. I had no idea what to expect! It was an alright time. She doesn't talk, but she'll do a couple of signs. She'll also try to run away if you won't catch her. I really don't think she liked to have her picture taken. I'm sure it was strange to have this huge lens pointing at you, especially when you don't know the person holding it.

I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm working until 12 (I was supposed to work til 1, but I gave one of my hours to Lauren, so I'm excited to have time to eat lunch before taking pictures). At 1 I'm meeting Katie at Ferris Truck Stop. We're going to go to her house and take pictures. She lives in the country and she said it's pretty out there. She also has a horse that she wants pictures with, so I'm excited about that! Then we're going to go downtown and to Krug Park. I usually don't like going to Krug for pictures, but I really want to use the theater there. I want to stand on the stage and put Katie in the seats. Pretty...(in my mind it's pretty, at least)! I've also decided that I want her to wear her prom dress downtown. It's bright blue and I think it'd be lovely against brick.

For now I think I'm going to work on a box I'm decorating for Sarah, Ian's wife, and listen to some echoes studies. It'll be a good day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm really quite I should be, it's 3:56am.

Soon I'll be going to sleep and then I'll be content. Tomorrow/today will be busy, so really I should have gone to sleep a few hours ago.

12:00 - Lunch at my grandparents' with some family and the girl that they'll be watching for a while
2:00 - Photo taking at Krug (ugh! Krug!)
6:00 - Wedding reception

For the above photo: I downloaded some new textures the other day and I'm trying them out. I think I enjoy the one I put with that photo. It's subtle and I must say, I enjoy the burned edges.
And there's another! Yay, photos!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Goodnight.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look Alive

So, here's the thing: I really like this song.

It's called "Look Alive" and it's by Incubus. (I enjoy Incubus.)
"The hardest thing is rendering a moment moving too fast to endure"
That's my favorite line.

The thing about Incubus/Brandon Boyd is that I just like the way things are worded. Brandon has written two books: "White Fluffy Clouds" and "From the Murks of a Sultry Abyss." In them he has random writings, poems, lyrics, drawings, photos, etc. I like the layout and look of the books a lot. I like to read the writings, but I generally strongly disagree with what he's saying, or I completely just don't understand it. Let's face it, I'm not a metaphor understanding girl. I just don't get it.

Words are not my thing.

But, I read and enjoy simply because of the structure and flow.

I don't want to work just might be the longest 6 hours of my life! Yay!

Also, Saturday might be a pleasantly busy day. We're having lunch at my grandma's at noon. Then at 2 I'm going to Krug Park to take some pictures of Katie's cousin. Then at 6 Miles and I will be going to a wedding reception at Stony Creek.
Sunday I'm not working, of course.
Monday I'm working 7:45-1 then meeting Katie and her house. We're going to take her senior pictures! That should be fun. Miles has a volleyball game at 5:30, and I assume I'll be able to attend as Katie has to work at 6 that evening.

I'm excited to take pictures!

Oh! And I talked to my momma today about my grandparents' farm. She said the barn isn't standing but the house is and is in bad shape. I guess my grandma has wanted to make a trip up there and my mom wants to also. So, hopefully we can make that happen.

The End

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I really wish Kmart didn't want to hang out so much.

I don't like working so much. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a constant urge to take/edit photos. I don't know, but either way, I don't like it. Currently, I am working on a project of sorts there, though, so that makes it a little less painful. I'm thinking of telling Wanda I can't work Saturdays.
Here's my thinking:
Jay and Jalisa can't work days, as they're still in high school. Maggie doesn't like closing. Lauren doesn't like opening. Basically, I figure there are enough people to cover the weekends up there (I never work on's the Lord's day!). I don't think they need me for 5 days of the week and a weekend also! And, (the main reason I'd like this) I'd always have a day that I would be free to take someone's pictures. It's so hard to plan a day to do pictures when I don't know if I'll be free.

I think I'll do it.

I feel like all I have to talk about is work. Like today I had to go in 2 hours early.
Umm...anyway...let's there anything else?

I often wish I could just write things. Not anything important, necessarily. I think I would like to be a good writer...but I don't want to write much. Kind of how I always wanted to be good at drawing but I never wanted to practice, and I don't even really like drawing all that much. Photography is the only thing I ever felt the need to keep doing and try to progress at. I guess that makes sense, but I don't know.

I'm getting my hair cut at noon today (tomorrow, Tuesday). I look forward to not having split ends for about a month. That'll be cool. But, once I cut it I'll be sad that I won't have long hair any longer...until it grows back. I really hate the actual hair cutting process. It's so awkward. I mean, I really don't have anything to talk about when I'm sitting there. But there's always the, "So, do you still work at Kmart?" question. Then the, "How's married life?" which I always give the same answer ("It's doesn't really feel any different, which is strange since a lot changed.") And don't forget the, "Have you found another job yet?"..."Oh, have you been looking for one?" No, I'm going to be at Kmart until the rapture (oh, I hope not!).

I really am itching for a chance to go out and take pictures. I don't really know what I want to take pictures of. I just want to go. I want to take my camera, my lenses, my monopod thingy, my flash and GO. But, I don't get many chances to do that. I will one of these days...maybe...hopefully.

I want to sleep soon. I think I'll play some Scramble, listen to a few more Incubus songs, then get ready and go to bed. It'll be lovely! G'night!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday...already?

This week has smashed together.
Yesterday was Trenda's funeral. I met Lauren, Jalisa and Sarah at Kmart then we headed over there together. Along with quite a few other Kmart people we stood around for probably 20 minutes. Everyone else apparently got the message to go to the funeral home first. Not us! We all met at the cemetery. It was short after they all got there.
Then I worked 3-10:15. Today I worked 7:45-1. I was super tired the whole time. Steve showed me how the do test scans, which is what Trenda was always working on. They're easy and I love them because I simply love busy work.

Tonight we're going to World's of Fun...eventually. After I got home today I watched an episode of NCIS, because that's what I do. Then I ate lunch, then took a nap. It was only a mediocre nap as it just wasn't long enough. I kept hitting the snooze button on my phone. It goes off every 9 minutes, which I'll never understand. Then my mom text me and said they're cooking out tonight. Anyway, back to my main point. Miles just got in the shower and I'm cooking some tater tots. We're going to eat those and hot dogs before we go.

I have tomorrow off - because it's Sunday. I'll sleep in, but then I'll regret it because I have to wake up at 6 on Monday. I was supposed to have Monday off, but Jalisa called in for Saturday (after already being scheduled, that is a pet peeve of mine) so Maggie moved to Saturday and I'm taking Monday. Well, actually Lauren and I are splitting Monday. I'm working til noon and she'll work til 5. I have Saturday off because Stacy from the radio station is getting married so Miles and I are attending at least the reception.

Then I'm working Tuesday 5-10:15, Wednesday 4-10:15, Thursday 2-6, and Friday 12-6. I've been getting way too many hours lately. Wanda said they're going to need someone else at service because Jalisa wants off too much. They're bringing Lauren up but she doesn't want to open. I don't know what they'll do. Natasha is my next guess, but she doesn't want up there. She won't even let me show her how to do a return so she could cover breaks.

Then Aimee's birthday is the 8th. I'm actually very excited for it because I really want to give her her gifts. I bought her a purse from Kmart (it was on clearance for $5, then I got my discount on top of it...I bought myself one, too), then I decorated a box for her. I'm going to put the box in the purse, then a Whatchamacallit, Hazel's gift card, a couple bookmarks then possibly something else, in her box. I like other peoples' birthdays.

The 11th and 12th Miles and I are going to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It's a birthday present to me. I always tell him I want to go on a picnic, so we're going to Falls Park...on a picnic. It's cute, really. I'm going to take a bunch of pictures, I'm sure. Yay!

And now the tater tots are done! It's time to eat, get ready, then leave. OFF TO FUNS OF WORLD!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm really very tired. I do think I'll be going to bed soon.

Today (Monday) Wanda called me around noon. She left me a message asking if I could come into work early. She didn't say why, so I called back. She said that Trenda had shot herself and it wasn't looking good, she sounded super upset. So, I went into work at 3 and picked up 2 more days this week. Before Maggie left she said that they had to revive Trenda 3 times and she probably wouldn't make it.
Maggie and Helena were both trying to figure out why she would have done this. They're reasons don't stray too far from Kmart. Saying, "Well, I know she really didn't like closing." Come on, ladies, that's foolish. Trenda was one of the most seemingly happy people. She was 49 and super talkative. She had one daughter that is around 7 or 8. She just got married a few months ago (she had be married previously, but I think she had been with this guy for a really long time...I don't really know).
Tonight after work everyone from work on Facebook is saying things like "We'll miss you, Trenda." And I'm wondering where they're getting their news. I mean, she probably won't make it, but as of close tonight we had no new updates.

I think my problem with things like this, other than the obvious problem with suicide, is how people react. There are people that are truly affected, and the people that say things just for the attention. They gravitate toward tragedy. I just don't understand that.

Anyway, when I got to work today I wasn't in a great mood, naturally. Customers' problems just seemed so stupid that I just ignored them for the most part when they told me how their hand held electronic games weren't working, or that the towels they bought aren't the right color for their bathroom. Actually, I think the guy that returned the towels thought I was strange because I was half crying when doing the return.

Tomorrow I am going to go to lunch with Amber. My birthday is Wednesday and she has class and work. I'm working 2-6 and had planned on going to dinner with my family (my side of the family, anyway) afterward. But, my mom has night classes. I think the plan now is to go to Miles' parents' house for dinner (chicken! mashed potatoes! noodles! cake!) I asked my mom if they're busy Thursday evening and she just responded a few minutes ago saying she has another night class. I don't know when I'll celebrate with them. Since I don't drink I don't think they know how to celebrate with me. They had a luau for my brother's friend David for his birthday (the backyard was totally decked out for that) and my mom cooked roast beef, noodles, and mashed potatoes then they all went out for Rayna's (David's girlfriend) birthday. That's the life of the child that has very little in common with the parents.

Yeah, now it's time for me to sleep.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009