Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday...already?

This week has smashed together.
Yesterday was Trenda's funeral. I met Lauren, Jalisa and Sarah at Kmart then we headed over there together. Along with quite a few other Kmart people we stood around for probably 20 minutes. Everyone else apparently got the message to go to the funeral home first. Not us! We all met at the cemetery. It was short after they all got there.
Then I worked 3-10:15. Today I worked 7:45-1. I was super tired the whole time. Steve showed me how the do test scans, which is what Trenda was always working on. They're easy and I love them because I simply love busy work.

Tonight we're going to World's of Fun...eventually. After I got home today I watched an episode of NCIS, because that's what I do. Then I ate lunch, then took a nap. It was only a mediocre nap as it just wasn't long enough. I kept hitting the snooze button on my phone. It goes off every 9 minutes, which I'll never understand. Then my mom text me and said they're cooking out tonight. Anyway, back to my main point. Miles just got in the shower and I'm cooking some tater tots. We're going to eat those and hot dogs before we go.

I have tomorrow off - because it's Sunday. I'll sleep in, but then I'll regret it because I have to wake up at 6 on Monday. I was supposed to have Monday off, but Jalisa called in for Saturday (after already being scheduled, that is a pet peeve of mine) so Maggie moved to Saturday and I'm taking Monday. Well, actually Lauren and I are splitting Monday. I'm working til noon and she'll work til 5. I have Saturday off because Stacy from the radio station is getting married so Miles and I are attending at least the reception.

Then I'm working Tuesday 5-10:15, Wednesday 4-10:15, Thursday 2-6, and Friday 12-6. I've been getting way too many hours lately. Wanda said they're going to need someone else at service because Jalisa wants off too much. They're bringing Lauren up but she doesn't want to open. I don't know what they'll do. Natasha is my next guess, but she doesn't want up there. She won't even let me show her how to do a return so she could cover breaks.

Then Aimee's birthday is the 8th. I'm actually very excited for it because I really want to give her her gifts. I bought her a purse from Kmart (it was on clearance for $5, then I got my discount on top of it...I bought myself one, too), then I decorated a box for her. I'm going to put the box in the purse, then a Whatchamacallit, Hazel's gift card, a couple bookmarks then possibly something else, in her box. I like other peoples' birthdays.

The 11th and 12th Miles and I are going to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It's a birthday present to me. I always tell him I want to go on a picnic, so we're going to Falls Park...on a picnic. It's cute, really. I'm going to take a bunch of pictures, I'm sure. Yay!

And now the tater tots are done! It's time to eat, get ready, then leave. OFF TO FUNS OF WORLD!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm really very tired. I do think I'll be going to bed soon.

Today (Monday) Wanda called me around noon. She left me a message asking if I could come into work early. She didn't say why, so I called back. She said that Trenda had shot herself and it wasn't looking good, she sounded super upset. So, I went into work at 3 and picked up 2 more days this week. Before Maggie left she said that they had to revive Trenda 3 times and she probably wouldn't make it.
Maggie and Helena were both trying to figure out why she would have done this. They're reasons don't stray too far from Kmart. Saying, "Well, I know she really didn't like closing." Come on, ladies, that's foolish. Trenda was one of the most seemingly happy people. She was 49 and super talkative. She had one daughter that is around 7 or 8. She just got married a few months ago (she had be married previously, but I think she had been with this guy for a really long time...I don't really know).
Tonight after work everyone from work on Facebook is saying things like "We'll miss you, Trenda." And I'm wondering where they're getting their news. I mean, she probably won't make it, but as of close tonight we had no new updates.

I think my problem with things like this, other than the obvious problem with suicide, is how people react. There are people that are truly affected, and the people that say things just for the attention. They gravitate toward tragedy. I just don't understand that.

Anyway, when I got to work today I wasn't in a great mood, naturally. Customers' problems just seemed so stupid that I just ignored them for the most part when they told me how their hand held electronic games weren't working, or that the towels they bought aren't the right color for their bathroom. Actually, I think the guy that returned the towels thought I was strange because I was half crying when doing the return.

Tomorrow I am going to go to lunch with Amber. My birthday is Wednesday and she has class and work. I'm working 2-6 and had planned on going to dinner with my family (my side of the family, anyway) afterward. But, my mom has night classes. I think the plan now is to go to Miles' parents' house for dinner (chicken! mashed potatoes! noodles! cake!) I asked my mom if they're busy Thursday evening and she just responded a few minutes ago saying she has another night class. I don't know when I'll celebrate with them. Since I don't drink I don't think they know how to celebrate with me. They had a luau for my brother's friend David for his birthday (the backyard was totally decked out for that) and my mom cooked roast beef, noodles, and mashed potatoes then they all went out for Rayna's (David's girlfriend) birthday. That's the life of the child that has very little in common with the parents.

Yeah, now it's time for me to sleep.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart is a jerk.

This week Kmarts in Kansas City are doubling coupons! Yay!

Really I hate it. We're not doing it in town, but we'll still do it if you ask. Basically, we have to ring everything up like normal, scan all the coupons then type in the amount for each one, again. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Also, there were rules this time. You couldn't have any more than 4 of any item, no more than 10 coupons per person per day, and you were also supposed to have at least $25 worth of pantry items.
At 2:00 a lady decided to check out with her daughters and friend. I told her the rules and naturally they didn't like that. Their way around it was to have her daughters and sons all do separate transactions so all of the transactions would be coming from her. Okay, fine, I did it with a tiny bit of resistance. We have 3 registers are the service desk. One that runs like all of the other registers in the store and two that are programed for returns. Naturally the one I choose to run on is the normal one. It froze 3 times when I was trying to double the coupons. I had to redo 3 separate transactions on the refund register (which is especially annoying because you have to press 'sale' each time you want to scan something that isn't a return...and it moves too slow).
Okay, let's get this straight. I have no problem if someone wants to double coupons for a couple of things they need and they aren't ridiculous about it. When you buy 20 things of Visine, 8 containers of carpet cleaner, 8 of the same deodorant, etc. that's just a little dumb. Especially since these people get so angry when something isn't aloud. It's like, hey, don't get mad at me that all of your stuff isn't free! They buy like $200 worth of stuff and end up paying $5 of it. Oh I hate double coupon time.

Tomorrow night I work 6-10:15, so it should be okay.
Friday and Saturday I'm working 7:45 to 3. It better not be as stupid as today. I just don't like Kmart. I think I'm just getting sick of working there...for good reason.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I really should be trying to sleep right now. It's almost 12:30 and I need to wake up at 6 tomorrow. I'm working 7:45 to 12. I'm stoked because I thought I was working until 3, but that's not until Tuesday. I'm open tomorrow, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday I'm closing and I have Thursday off. I really hate working 7:45 to 3, but I'm sure I'll survive.

I don't know if my 6 seniors will pull through. 4/6 are supposed to be definites, but who knows? I'm feeling a bit of cancellation going on. Oy vey. I'd just really like to be able to leave Kmart at some point.

I don't really have anything else to talk about, so I guess I'll just upload some pictures!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Designs 'N' Things

I got the copyright release for the wedding pictures!

I think tomorrow I am going to get some photos printed. That should be a pretty mediocre time.

That is my new photography logo. I initially was trying to make a sunburst to use as a background for this blog. Then for some reason I made it a logo. I like it better than the old one.

Also, I have designed a thank you card thingy for the wedding.

I do think that I'd like to design some wedding invitations. Maybe I should start designing some random things and put that on my Facebook site thing. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm slowly trying to get my stuff put away. I still have boxes and bags of things that need a home in our apartment. I just have to take everything out of our storage closet and restack it. I don't want it to be too hard for me to get to my craft things.

I received my external flash yesterday! Woo! The problem is that it requires 4 AA batteries and guess how many I have around here that aren't being used? 2! That's not enough! So, tonight I am going to buy a small pack of batteries so I can actually try it out.

Oh, also photo related. I have some people lined up for senior photos!
Jay (Probably)
Katie (if we can ever find a time)
Leeanne (my distant cousin's sister-in-law)
Danielle (if her parents agree on it)

I'm stoked! The bad thing is that Kmart has been giving me way more hours that I want. Sure, it helps monetarily, but not when I'm trying to take pictures of people and can't find a time since I'm working all the time. Oy vey.

I guess I shall return to my putting away things then get ready for work.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Reading blogs, watching vlogs, and things of the like make me want to type. The thing is that I always think that I have something to say, then I start typing and realize it's not interesting.

I think I am relatively close to finishing editing these engagement pictures...! Woot! I do think I can finish them tonight. Miles is sleeping currently because he has to work tomorrow from noon to 6 (when he usually works from midnight to 7am) so his hours are going to be thrown all off. If he wakes up I probably won't be able to finish them tonight because he'll probably be bored and distract me. But, the whole point to this is that eventually I might post a few (I really don't know why, anyone who reads this would also see them on Facebook...).

This weekend is tax free weekend in Missouri. Awesome! Not really! So it's awesome for those people who are buying clothes and school supplies, but what about us retail workers?! What about us?! It was super busy at Kmart and people get angry fast. Customers think this whole no-tax thing should roll over to layaway, but it doesn't, which made one lady very angry. She really tried to offend me, I think, and make me angry. She failed!
Anyway, I worked from 3-10:15 today. The whole day I just felt irritable. I didn't want to answer the phone, do returns, ring people up, do overrides for the cashiers. All of those things are my job. I don't know what was wrong with me, but everything was just making me angry. Then I ate my lunch. Miles had made me a lunch since I make him a lunch every night before he goes to work. It was nice. I felt better after that, but it was still busy.

Okay, I've given in.

There are many more that I've edited, but I don't want to go through them now. Maybe I'll post more later, or maybe I won't. Probably the latter, but I will upload them to my photography Facebook page. (Look at Steven's shadow in that last one! I love it!)

Now I should return to editing if I plan on finishing them tonight.