Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm super, super relaxed...and super, super tired.

In the fall of '09 I bought a weight loss yoga DVD at Kmart. I tried it for about 2 minutes a little while after I bought it, and soon after that I found out I was pregnant. It's no surprise I never touched it again after that. Tonight I whipped that DVD back out and did a bit of it. There are 3 levels, and a warm up and cool down. The first level is only 20 minutes long, but I did it along with the warm up and cool down. The cool down was my favorite as it was only stretching and laying on the floor. It wasn't a hard workout, but it was hard for me. I haven't done any kind of workout, other than going for walks, for a long, long time. In an ideal world I'd keep up with this video...but I probably won't. The true test is to see if I do it tomorrow...hmm...

Anyway, that workout made me super tired. There's lots of deep breathing which translates into a lot of yawning. It's very similar to the Pilates class I took in the spring of '09. It was in the morning so I was always super sleepy in class.

In other news, I'm fairly excited for Saturday. I'll be taking some senior pictures! I haven't done that in ages. Senior pictures are definitely my favorite to do...other than taking pictures of Anna. I will be doing that, also, though. When it gets a bit warmer I'm going to take Anna outside somewhere (if only we had a yard) in a dress and probably a headband and take some pictures. This last Saturday Miles and I took Anna to see my grandma Pike and she mentioned how she didn't have any pictures of Anna on her shelves that are filled with pictures of grandchildren. We'll remedy that ASAP...

...but ASAP is not tonight, therefore I should wash my face and go to sleep.

Yep, that's what I'm going to do.

Oh, sidenote: I've found a recipe for Snickers cupcakes that I think I'll need to try soon. I'd very much like to balance out all the effort I put into that pesky workout.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Play by Play

My left eye has been twitching all day. It started yesterday and I must say...I'm not a fan.

I've had a pretty good last couple of days.
Wednesday I met Stephanie and we took our babes for a walk around the neighborhood. That was a good, long walk. Stephanie is not lazy, like me, so we walked longer than I would have if I were alone.
Thursday I had lunch with my mom, Justin and Sami. We had some corned beef and potatoes. They also had some cabbage, but I follow a strict no-cabbage diet, so I opted out.
Friday evening we went to my parents' house for dinner. We had chicken, rice and corn. It was tasty.
Saturday Anna and I met Stephanie and Lexi at Kmart then headed to Kristi's baby shower. It was a good time. We got there around 2:15 and around 3 Anna started to get hungry. Luckily there were a few rooms in the building we were in, so we took cover in a game room and I fed her. We walked back to the room where everyone was and found out they had waited for me to start the game. That was super nice of them! Breastfeeding = always missing out on things like that. We played the games, ate brownies and watched Kristi and Derek open presents. Anna was surprisingly good for 99% of the time. She slept for probably 45 minutes after eating and woke up pretty happy.
Right when we got home I came inside and grabbed Abbie's birthday present and we headed to Mandy's. We spent a couple hours there playing with balloons and Anna spent some time laughing at Abbie which was adorable.
After we got home we fed Anna then put her to bed pretty soon after. Miles and I were both super tired, and I really don't know why. I had woken up around 11, so it's not like I woke up early by any means, but I definitely felt like I did. I went to sleep at 12:15 then woke up Sunday at 11:15ish, with about an hour total taken out for pumping and feeding Anna. That was nice.
Today I met Amber at the mall and we went on a hunt for a new purse for her. Anna napped and talked a bunch while we were there. Then we came home and she ate, then we headed to the park with Miles. Tonight Miles and I grilled some steaks and potatoes for dinner. They were both tasty and now I'm a bit sad that we're out of steak.

I think tonight I'll start on a grocery list. I like making grocery lists. I also like walking.

And I like her. That's from last Friday.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Will Be Short

I don't know if "be" should be capitalized in that there title. I guess if I'm wrong in capitalizing it I could always claim that I'm using my poetic license. Ha!

Anyway, it's 2:20am and I should really be going to bed. Technically I'm headed that way. My teeth are brushed, my hair is back, my faced is washed...heck, I've even already put lotion and chapstick on. I'm practically already sleeping!

Anna was especially difficult tonight for bed time. She was also especially cute, but that's a given. I tried putting her in a dress sleeper instead of a button up sleeper, thinking she'd be cooler since her legs wouldn't be totally covered. Instead of trying to sleep she just kept kicking her legs up and pushing off her blankets so she could try to grab her feet. That girl, I tell you, is ornery.

I've designed a business card.

It's cropped strangely at the moment. I should have done that differently, but alas, it's done and I'm tired therefore it will not be redone. I like it, though. It's clean, simple and bold. Woot!

Maybe soon I'll update with an actual update on what's been going on lately. Maybe...dun dun dun...!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Not technically, I guess. Another portion of my back left bottom tooth came off today. This time I was eating tacos! I say another portion because the back 1/3 was already gone, which can be attributed to a blue raspberry air head. Before that, though, it had a filling. I don't remember what caused the initial break, though, or if it was a simple cavity. I know the tooth in front of it was once broken from eating bacon. And one tooth broke from eating Skittles. Oh! And a long time ago I had a cap on one of my teeth and I lost the cap from eating a fruit roll up.

Maybe the tooth universe is telling me I should stop eating junk.

Luckily I've felt absolutely no pain from losing part of my tooth today. It's probably because the air head incident happened around October of 2008, so I think that tooth is pretty much dead already.

I'm stoked for tomorrow. Miles and I are planning on getting out and about. I love going out and about! It's supposed to be super nice so we're going to take Anna to the park. We're also going to get an array of fruit and a basket so I can take pictures for I Corinthians 15:23 (But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming.) We also need to stop by Art.I.Facts to pick up anything I have left there along with some money I'm owed. They're closing up for good so we've all been summoned down to pick up our stuff.

I want to quilt. There are things I'd need in order to do this...time, materials, and a sewing machine. I have none of the above, therefore I won't. Sad, kind of. It's also not sad because if I had all of the above instead, I would probably start on one and never finish.

Okay, now I'm tired. It's off to bed I go.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anna has Floppy Ears and Wears Hats

I've been going to some thrift stores lately...if you count two thrift stores in two days. I've obviously been taking Miss Anna with me, so I don't stay long.

I always look over the furniture and wish I could buy the chairs and fix them up. There were a few I had my eye on today at DAV. Today I ended up not buying the chairs, go figure, but instead buying a basket for $1.48 and a Robin glass.

Wednesday I went to Goodwill mainly to look for candle holders. Saturday night I'm making dinner for Miles for his birthday and I want to make the table all pretty. The regular candle holders for tapered candles are (I think it was) $2.50 a piece, which is stupid. I found four of them which were marked for 99 cents each, but apparently they weren't that much. I ended up buying them and a toy for Anna for $2.95 total.

I've been playing with it way more than she has. I guess she's still a bit young for it, but all she really wants to do with it is put it in her mouth. It still needs to be cleaned, so I'm trying to make her face keep its distance.

I'd like to go to the Salvation Army, but I know there's no way I could get the stroller in there. Boo, Salvation Army.

This room is ridiculously dusty. Originally I had planned on dusting tonight. That's gone out the window and I'm doing this instead...wayyy more productive. Ehh.

Saturday we're having Miles' birthday 'party' thing. I'm hoping the weather is nice and not horribly awful like it could be. I'm also hoping we have a good group show up. I actually need to still decide for sure where it will be held. When I think about Saturday I picture it in Elwood at the I should probably just tell everyone that it'll be there. I think I'm more excited for it than Miles is, even though we'll be playing wiffle ball. Getting out of the house, being outside, and seeing people will all be wonderful things. Oh, and food! I'm making a caramel macchiato cheesecake. I've never made cheesecake before, so I don't know how good it'll be, but here's to hoping!

Saturday night I'm apparently making fried shrimp and fried chicken. Now I'm comfortable making fried chicken, but I've never, ever made shrimp in any shape or fashion. Eeek. I'm a big fan of fried foods but I really hate cooking them. It makes it so much harder to tell if the food is done. Oy vey. Let's hope all turns out well on that front.

I think that's all I've got for now. I'm just too boring these days. Yes, I was interesting at one point (don't you remember?) and I've since lost it!