Saturday, December 19, 2009

I just don't get it.

So, as a Christian there's constantly the expectation that you will not talk about your beliefs at work, in school, or basically anywhere public and it's just completely inconsiderate to say anything about your religion that could be offensive in anyway.

BUT, it's completely acceptable for the unbelievers to bash your beliefs and religion, and basically call you a close minded, insane idiot...with absolutely no argument or repercussions.

This stems from Miles' friend Ian's status on Facebook...

"I love feeling confident in the fact that when earth is finally destroyed by insecure people supporting the fictitious will of their fake ass deities... I will have not contributed to it."

That just makes me angry and I don't like it one bit.

But, I really don't have much else to say about it...probably because I don't feel like typing and because I'm quite tired.

In a completely unrelated, but totally awesome, subject...I don't have to work tomorrow! Finally a day off! I am stoked.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oy vey.

So, I can't say I'm excited about the next week.
Here's how my work schedule is looking:

Friday (tomorrow): 3-7 at service
Saturday: 11-7:30 supervising (which isn't that bad, it's just a long time to stand)
Sunday: Off (I'm super glad I never work on Sundays)
Monday: 2-7 at service
Tuesday: 11-7:30 supervising
Wednesday :2-7 at service
Thursday: 11-7:30 at service (that is going to be the worst)
Friday: 7-12:15am (yep, we're closing at midnight next do they think that's a good idea?)
Saturday: 7-12:15am

That's a total of 36 hours for next week, and I'll be working 6 days in a row.

Okay, I know lots of people work way more hours than that all the time, but I'm just dreading the people. Everyone has problems and everyone needs help with something and I can't help everyone at the same time.

The good news is that I'll be quitting in the hopefully near future. I do enjoy about 75% of the people I work with, but I'll be much happier when I'm not working there...I think. I do wonder if working makes me appreciate the days when I'm not working more, but I guess it's something I'll have to find out first hand.

And I want a baby.
If it's in the plan...
But I do hope it is...they're just so cute!

Cassie came over for lunch today. We had planned on having it yesterday, then her work was closed so we postponed for tomorrow. She called me around 1:30 asking if we could do lunch today instead, so I whipped up little smokies and seasoned fries. She got lost on the way here, but eventually found it. The bad thing about people getting lost in this neighborhood is that I can't direct them to go the right way because I really don't know my way around it. We ate food and chatted a bit, then it was time for me to go to work. She had mentioned how her car was having trouble getting up hills the past couple of days because of the snow. So, of course when we were leaving her car couldn't get up the hill. Luckily this guy walked down the street, saying he was from Colorado, and he helped her figure out how to get out. I really didn't want to leave her, but she called and told me just to go. Probably around 3:20 she showed up at Kmart and I saw her leaving after she bought some milk. She said she had just gotten out of there. I think it's time for her to get some new tires. Her car should totally be powerful enough to make it up very slight hills in the snow.

Now I've lost the desire to type...I don't think I have all that much more to say...other than blah, again.

or Bleh. I think bleh actually fits better.