Monday, January 21, 2013

During My Break

I consider this cold weather to be half welcome.  Around zero shoots are being booked which gives me a nice break from constant photo editing, but also gives me tons of time to do nothing.  I caught up on laundry and there's that.  I finished The Great Gatsby and started reading The Lovely Bones the other day.  It's okay so far.  I assume that I'll finish it, but I don't know if I'll be recommending it others.  We'll see.

Last week I took photos of a house my grandparents bought.  They're going to be completely redoing it so my grandpa wanted pictures of it before. 

It's on Pickett and the yard is huge.  As you can see it needs a ton of work.  As it stands it has a possibility of five bedrooms.  Seriously, five!  It looks small from the outside, but that's just misleading.  The living room/kitchen is essentially an open floor plan, only separated by the stairs, but those are only half walls.  I'm excited to see what all they do with it.

In other news Anna is cute and has crazy hair.
Her hair is pulled back to keep it out of her face.  That only kind of works.  The sides are so short that they won't both pull back into one pony tail so one side is out.  Yikes.  Soon we'll be getting hair cuts and I might see about evening up her hair.  Also, in that photo she's singing into Grandma Mary's (Gama Mawee) flashlight. 

Also, possibly on the horizon is real estate photography!  Yay!  Obviously I'm not really where I need to be to charge people, but Miles has talked to an agent about me taking some photos for free for our portfolio.  I'm excited.  I realized while taking the photos of my grandpa's house that I enjoyed it.  I also realized how badly I need a camera cleaning kit.  Having so much in focus really brings out the dust spots.  No amount of wiping down the sensor with a cloth can take those off. 

We also have five weddings booked for the year so far.  Three others are a possibility at this point.  We've had a few other inquiries and one person that would really like to book with us but hasn't done the security deposit yet.  That also means that I should be doing a few engagement sessions in the relatively near future.  A lot of the weddings this year are going to be outside with a shabby chic/modern country themes.  Yay!  I'm stoked for those.  Not stoked for the super long days and a few long drives.  I should survive though.

Well, now I'm going to play bouncing balls then get the trash ready to put out.  Woo!