Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday Miles and I are leaving for our honeymoon in Oklahoma. I don't know what time we're leaving, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm not excited about having to pack and unpack again. I'm tired of doing that.

Lexi is supposed to be sending the wedding pictures to Mandy this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing them. Actually, I can't wait. Well, I can wait, but I don't want to. Editing them will take a while, but that's okay. It'll be strange editing pictures of me and Miles and not of other people. Now I can photoshop myself into looking great!

I really do need to get a different job. Kmart is driving me crazy. Most of the time it's not that bad, but it's just so boring and I hate getting off work at 10. I guess I could change my hours of availability. I'd just rather work somewhere else, though. Somewhere where I'd make more money and have a regular schedule, not one that changes every week.
I never called Roderick. Well, other than that first time, but that was probably 3 or 4 weeks ago and they hadn't looked at the resumes yet. I guess I could always call next Monday to see if they've filled the position yet. By then I'll be done with needing all this time off, so it'll make more sense to look for a job. Now I'll just need to change all my information on my resume to say Ramsay and have my new address. Luckily my email and phone number are the same.

Last night I watched "As Good as It Gets" (I never really know what words to capitalize in titles) after Miles went to work. It was extra long and very mediocre. Today I started watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I guess watching the movie last night put me in a Jack Nicholson mood. Strangely enough, he reminds me of Geo. I can't really tell why other than possibly their mannerisms.

I've come over here to my parents' house today to finish cleaning off my computer. I've probably been here for an hour and a half and I haven't even started on that yet. I just looked at photo comments, listened to a couple songs, made a milkshake, ate some air heads, and sat around. I'm not being very productive. Maybe I should start now...maybe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm really getting tired of not having internet at the apartment. I want to upload some more pictures from Samantha and Shane's wedding and some engagement pictures I took of Kaycee and Paul. I guess those will have to wait. Miles said he called Cable Vision today and they said they wouldn't be able to come hook it up until next week...but we're on our honeymoon next week. So, the next available day was the 6th of July. They better do it then or I will be upset and do absolutely nothing about it.

I have yet to receive the pictures from the wedding from Lexi. Well, I guess it's possible that I got them today, but the mail man was taking too long at the apartment mail boxes so I just left. I figured that if I waited too long I wouldn't have had time to look at them anyway. Hopefully they'll be there when I get off work. Ohh, I want to see them!

I've been trying to cook lately. First I made spaghetti (easy, I know, but it was delicious), then I made hot dogs and tater tots ( was late!) and last night I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. I never knew how messy frying chicken was. There was oil everywhere and I was not happy about it. It was tasty though! Tonight Ron Nold (?) is coming over to chat about insurance. I think. That's the plan last I knew it. Miles is going to make me some pizza which is always super yummy. Saying super yummy isn't a good idea for anyone, it just sounds stupid.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to make more than $7.50 an hour. This just isn't cutting it. Luckily I have the money from taking pictures to fall back on, but since I'm not really taking all that many pictures it's not helping all that much. I'm thinking about trying to substitute teach this fall. I could handle middle school, maybe, and high school kids. Definitely not elementary. I'm just not good with kids that I don't know. I don't know what to say to them and I'm definitely not authoritative enough. I need to be able to reason with whoever I'm dealing with.

I guess I should get ready for work. Work's a jerk.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm married!

I guess you can now call me Mrs. Ramsay. How strange.

The wedding was good. Kovacs Hall looked pretty good all dolled up, the weather was nice, we had a good turn out, etc. It went well. Soon I should be receiving a couple CDs with the pictures from the wedding...I'm stoked for those. The bad thing is that I'll have to wait to edit them til I get Samantha and Shane's wedding photos and Kaycee and Paul's engagement photos done. I feel like I'll never have these wedding photos done. It's extra hard not being able to work on them at home. I'm currently at my parents' house in my old room. It still basically looks how it used to. I have a ton of stuff here. I guess I'll get it out eventually.

Miles and I have moved so many things lately. I will be super happy when everything is out of its package, cleaned and in its place. Oh joyous day. I can't wait.

I think I've waited too long to update on these two events...I don't really have too much to say about them.

Tomorrow is a day off for me. I think I am going to try to go get a new license with my new name on it, possibly call Roderick to see if they've filled the graphics position, and put up a bunch of stuff. Also, tomorrow eveningish I might play The Office Trivia game with Mandy and Amber, which should be a good time. Hopefully that'll work out.

I guess I should stop putting these pictures off...I am going to try to get a bunch done in the next couple of hours before work.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oy vey.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be hectic. I have to get my nails done at 10, but I am going to pick up Aimee first, then head to the bank to deposit a couple checks (because I have yet to do that) then go to the nail place.

After we get our nails done I have to finish the verse things. The holders are all done, but now the actual verse printed on vellum needs to be taped to rectangles. It's taking a while, but I don't think I have too much left to do. Then I could stand to do about 6 more candle holders...and make a play list for the reception...and download that here comes the bride song...and download the song we're going to play as we walk back down the aisle...and acquire my dress, flowers, and shoes from Miles' parents' house...and go to the rehearsal at 6.

It's supposed to rain the rest of the week. I'm really, really hoping it doesn't rain on Friday. I'm glad we didn't plan to have this thing outside...but nonetheless I'd still like for it to be nice out for pictures and such. Oh please, please, please let it be nice out.

Today (Wednesday) I went to the apartment and washed a ton of dishes. Our mattress was delivered at 3, so I had to hold down the fort for that. Later Miles brought over the frame and we set that up. I'm excited to get the bed made and be able to sleep on it. It's super comfortable and much better than the bed I sleep on now (which is Cassie's daybed from when she was little).

Whenever the apartment gets all done I'll take photos to post. Hopefully it's as cute as I envision it to be.

On another note, my face is breaking out. Actually, my back is, too. Awesome! Nothing like a rainy wedding day filled with pimples! Ugh. Hopefully these things get!

I guess I really should head to bed. It's now 2am and I need to wake up around 8 to get ready for the day. I know there won't be a time in there for a nap and I'll be up late. Miles and I are going to exchange gifts and go shopping for some groceries tomorrow night. We want the apartment to be at least halfway livable Friday.


Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm getting married on Friday.

What?! That's like, 4 (or 5 depending on how you're counting) days away. That's just crazy.

Needless to say I have a ton to do this week. Maybe not as much as I think I do...or maybe way more. Probably way more. I think I am going to have my hair done like that. Amanda had mentioned going in a few times to try different styles this week. I haven't talked to her since then so I don't know if that is going to happen or not. Hopefully I can make it up there at least once.

Miles and I got an apartment. Neither of us are living there just yet since we don't have a bed. Actually, either way I wouldn't be living there yet. On Saturday my dad and H helped him move all of our stuff from the storage shed. Funny story actually...H has a fairly large truck and they thought it would be a good idea to tie the recliner on top of either the love seat or futon. Well once he got on the highway the chair reclined and flew out of the truck. That wouldn't be funny if anyone had gotten hurt, but since everyone is okay, HAHA. The chair is fine with the exception of a few tears in the upholstery. Miles planned on putting a slipcover over it anyway.

I haven't even started packing up my stuff. My room is trashed right now. I have so many boxes of wedding stuff just hanging out that if I even tried to pack stuff I would just get angry and bang things around.

I've taken a break from editing Samantha and Shane's wedding photos. Now I'm editing pictures of my cousin's daughter. She's cute.

I don't have too many more pictures of her to edit, so I think I am going to finish those today. After I'm done with those I'm going to work on some chocolate favors for the wedding. Then I need to go to the bank to deposit a $4.00 check from the state and a check from my cousin for doing those pictures. I'll probably try to finish the candle holders today, too.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with Cassie early in the day. I'm going to try to find some kind of bra thing to wear under my dress and a necklace. After that I'll probably work on more wedding stuff. Eventually I need to figure out my student loan stuff...but that's depressing.

I guess I should get back to being productive. Blargh.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miles and I got our apartment! We went over yesterday and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Sure, they had cleaned them before we were able to move in, but Miles decided that we should clean again. The good thing about this double cleaning was that we realized that the tub drains unnaturally slow, so we told the landlord. Hopefully they'll get it fixed.
We started moving small things in. Basically Miles went to the storage shed and packed his car with just boxes and bags of stuff, regardless of what was in it. I think Saturday they're going to work on actually moving furniture.

Yesterday I started taping the scrapbook paper onto the candle holders. They're super cute! We're going to have a verse about light at each setting, and I was originally just going to print them fancy somehow and lay them on the table. My mom has decided that she's going to find a way to make them stand up and be all pretty. That's super fine with me, especially since I don't have to do it! Also, I'm a perfectionist, but so are my mom and Aimee, so I know they'll do a good job on these decoration things.

In other news, I'm still editing Samantha's pictures. There are just so many of them, and I'm moving so slowly. I guess I could be editing pictures right now but instead I feel the need to write about how I should edit them.

My to do list today looks like this:
-Finish cutting white 2.25x2.25 squares for the guest book.
-Work on putting more paper on candle holders (I've finished 48 so far).
-Finish painting the cake topper.
-Make the bridesmaids shirts.
-Redesign the light verse cards. Now I think they'll just be super simple with the verse and reference. That'll be printed on vellum and taped (double sided tape, you can't see it through vellum very well...especially if you get shiny vellum) and glued to a piece of scrapbook paper.
-Edit pictures...go figure.
-Bible study at Mandy's tonight.

I think that's it. Luckily I don't have to work today.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I took way too many pictures Saturday. Approximately 1300. Oy vey.

For some crazy reason I feel the need to edit all of them (except for the ones that are beyond saving - too dark, too grainy, too blurry, weird faces, etc.). I keep skipping over the groups of photos that are going to be boring to edit. I don't want to get too burned out on it yet.

There are a few of them. They are taking so long to edit! I was thinking I was on a roll, then I went back through and realized that I have barely even started. I am really going to need to delete a bunch of photos...and only do basic editing on a lot of them.
I need to take a day and just put on some music or Bible studies then edit away. I think that would be good.

In other news, I feel massive. I rarely feel like exercising, and when I do it's just too hot in my house for me to actually get up and do it. It also doesn't help that it's generally hot outside and my room is tiny and doesn't have enough space to do anything. Oh well.

In other, other news, Miles can start moving stuff into the apartment tomorrow! That makes me happy.
It's all happening so fast now. It's insane to think how soon the wedding is (especially when I think about all the things I still need to do, eek).

It seems that I'd really like to over work myself. I've agreed to take photos of my cousin's daughter on Friday. I have no idea when I'll have the time to edit those. I think I'll actually just bump those up and edit them quickly because they are for her 2nd birthday, and I imagine they'll have more of a deadline than Samantha and Shane will for their wedding photos. I don't think they can expect getting those photos before my wedding. Hopefully it won't be too awfully long after that though.

Anyway, I'm tired and need to sleep. Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with my mom, Aimee and my grandma. We're going around 11:30 which means if I go to sleep now and wake up at 10, I'll get about 7 hours of sleep. Blargh. I need to get to sleep earlier.