Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miles and I got our apartment! We went over yesterday and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Sure, they had cleaned them before we were able to move in, but Miles decided that we should clean again. The good thing about this double cleaning was that we realized that the tub drains unnaturally slow, so we told the landlord. Hopefully they'll get it fixed.
We started moving small things in. Basically Miles went to the storage shed and packed his car with just boxes and bags of stuff, regardless of what was in it. I think Saturday they're going to work on actually moving furniture.

Yesterday I started taping the scrapbook paper onto the candle holders. They're super cute! We're going to have a verse about light at each setting, and I was originally just going to print them fancy somehow and lay them on the table. My mom has decided that she's going to find a way to make them stand up and be all pretty. That's super fine with me, especially since I don't have to do it! Also, I'm a perfectionist, but so are my mom and Aimee, so I know they'll do a good job on these decoration things.

In other news, I'm still editing Samantha's pictures. There are just so many of them, and I'm moving so slowly. I guess I could be editing pictures right now but instead I feel the need to write about how I should edit them.

My to do list today looks like this:
-Finish cutting white 2.25x2.25 squares for the guest book.
-Work on putting more paper on candle holders (I've finished 48 so far).
-Finish painting the cake topper.
-Make the bridesmaids shirts.
-Redesign the light verse cards. Now I think they'll just be super simple with the verse and reference. That'll be printed on vellum and taped (double sided tape, you can't see it through vellum very well...especially if you get shiny vellum) and glued to a piece of scrapbook paper.
-Edit pictures...go figure.
-Bible study at Mandy's tonight.

I think that's it. Luckily I don't have to work today.

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