Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm full.

I should really be sleeping right now. It's currently 12:34 am and I have a doctor's appointment at 8:45 tomorrow morning. I'm going to need to wake up in about 6 hours...4 by the time I actually get to sleep. I think I might get to hear the heartbeat tomorrow. I think... They didn't say anything about it last time, but from what the internet tells me I'm right around that time. Miles is going to try to come with me, but if he's too tired my mom is coming along and bringing Collin. I don't know how well that will work, but I guess it'd be nice to not have to go alone.

The big bonus to having the appointment so early is that I should be able to stop by Burger King in Platte City on the way home to get a Croissanwich (surely, that's spelled wrong). I love those things. They're delicious. I wish they sold them all day...but I guess it's good that they don't because I think that's the only thing I'd ever eat.

Miles and I worked on taxes tonight. What a confusing time. All of that goes way over my head from lack of exposure. I've never had to deal with that stuff on my own before...or really at all.

In other news I'm fairly close to being done with the wedding pictures I took on the 27th. I'm now at the excruciating point - all of the family/bridal party pictures. Bleh! There are so many of each picture and I have to lighten and take down the contrast on all of them and it's just not fun. I do hope to finish them by Saturday, though...especially since I told Deidra that I'd probably have them done by the end of this week. I guess that turnaround is way too fast so if it's not that soon it can't be too big of a deal.

I think those are pretty. They're from the first couple of pictures I took that day. It was bright and pretty cold that day, but at least it wasn't freezing/raining/snowing/something else horrible out.

Now I should definitely try to sleep since my eyes are getting a little tired...I'm going to take advantage of this moment!