Friday, April 29, 2011

Cutest Baby Ever

I should go to sleep. It's almost midnight, which normally for me isn't too late, but tonight is different. Last night Anna went to sleep around 10, which is about right. Around 1:30 I decided I should head to bed. Apparently Anna didn't agree with that idea. Right after I dozed off she squealed and naturally I was scared out of my sleep. That happened a few more times before Anna decided she was done with sleeping for the time. Oy vey. She was awake until 5 aka I was awake until 5. Then she woke up at 10 today (luckily I do have the luxury of sleeping in...if Anna sleeps in).
Tonight she went to sleep around 9:30 probably. She fought it a bit, but not too bad or for too long. Again, I should go to sleep. I'm tired.

I'm still awake because of a few reasons, though. I need to clip my nails. Yep, that keeps me awake. I keep scratching Anna when I'm changing her diaper and I never have time when she's awake to do it. And, I'm working on some family pictures I took yesterday. They're looking pretty good so far, so that makes me happy. Today before Miles got out of bed I took Anna outside and set up a little photo shoot. Then after he woke up I finished that and put Anna down for a nap. She slept for a good couple of hours so that was nice. I edited the pictures I took of her (I should have worked on the family pictures, but hey, I can't help it).

Oh, oh! Sidenote: Kristi had her baby! His name is Xavier Michael, he weighed 6lbs 8oz, was 19 in long, has tons of hair, and is super adorable. Seriously, super adorable. I wish she was in town, but she's in Iowa and is too far for me to drive with Anna. Boo, boo I say.

Let me tell you a few things I miss about being pregnant.
1. People let you go in front of them in line.
2. It was socially acceptable to sit around and do nothing all day.
3. I was entitled to my 'cravings' and wasn't seeming spoiled.
4. I loved feeling Anna move around in my tummy. Loved it!

It is much better having her out here instead of in there, though. Also, I can't say I miss having basically five shirts that I fit in and only about two pairs of pants. I don't miss having to pee all the time, being extra hot, or taking an hour to roll over in bed. Most of all, I don't miss all the trouble I had to go through to put my jeans on. Seriously, it was the hardest part of my day.

Oh, I love that girl.

And, now I'm going to sleep. My neck is being a huge jerk to me these days.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picture Post!

This month has gone by super fast...yet not so fast. If that makes sense, which, to me, it does. Easter is this Sunday, so family things are happening this weekend. Sunday we won't be doing anything out of the ordinary, but Saturday we'll be attending a few festivities. Well, something like that. Miles has to work at 6 Saturday evening, so he probably won't be making it to my grandma's for dinner. The Easter egg hunt is at 1:30 on Saturday, and I might be taking Anna to that. I thought it'd be good to go see that side of the family when I can, since they're be getting together on Sunday, and as I already mentioned, we won't be going. I guess we'll see!

Sidenote: I've found a recipe for Samoa Bar Cookies that I want to try. Now, I'm not much of one for Caramel Delights, but Miles likes them. Maybe I'll try them soon. Also, I bought a bundt cake pan at DAV so I am wanting to make another coffee cake, but this time using that pan, obviously. I have to take a trip to the store tomorrow, so maybe I'll pick up the things for it and make that happen.

Miles has been recording a song with his keyboard sounding like an organ today. It's made me realize that organs remind of the cartoon version of "Robin Hood."

Approximately 2 1/2 months ago I was talking about my Valentine's plans for Miles. I hinted at something I was trying to make him, and how it wasn't working. Well, I figured it out...back then...and finished it...back then. So, we've finally gotten them hung up, so I think it's a good time to post pictures of it.

There are four frames total: two that have Hebrew words for love and two that have Greek words for love. It took forever to finish them. I cut out all of the letters, which was super tedious. But, I think they look pretty good now, so yipee!

Let's see...what else can I share?

There's a picture of my grandma with Anna. Anna had just woken up, so I'm surprised she's not completely out of it in this picture, but I think it's a good one!

I've been taking Anna for walks lately, so here's a few pictures from that!

Here's one super cute picture of Anna:

And the glasses I got from DAV the other day. One was marked for $.79 and the other for $.99. It made absolutely no sense. The cashier said they were priced by different people...but once I got home I inspected only to find the same handwriting and little symbol under the price. Silly DAV, stop being so dumb!

I took Anna to Earthstock today. My momma's school/business program put on this concert for Earth Day. Miles was wanting to do some recording, and the weather caused a photo shoot cancellation so I was able to make it after all! Aimee, Josh, Collin and my dad were all there as well, so that was good. My mom was wanting me to come take a few pictures, so I did just that. It took a while for me to find out the best aperture/shutter/flash/ISO/lens combination. I didn't get as many good pictures as I would have liked, but I got a couple I'm happy with.

That's the singer from Antennas Up. He was okay, but not as good as...

This guy, who is apparently the guitar player. He sang a song with Tommy and the High Pilots who played right before them. He was surprisingly good and was strangely and sadly not the singer for his own band. Come on, guys, you should figure that one out on your own.

This dude is from the band Ludo, who I've actually heard of and listen to on occasion. It was an unexpected sight, as was the drummer from this band who is also from Ludo. He was an awkward fellow.

I've noticed that the majority of guys in bands wear jeans that don't fit. Strange trend, I think.

Now my neck/back hurts and I'm tired so I think I'm going to head to bed. Yep, definitely heading to bed.

Oh, and I still want to quilt.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bingo was His Name-o

I feel like the soundtrack to my life currently includes only nursery rhymes. Specifically I'm plagued by a song about a bear going over a mountain, only to see the other side (seriously, what else what he expecting?), a farmer who constantly kidnaps a wife, who then proceeds to kidnap a child, and a song about teddy bears having picnics in the woods.

Anna went to sleep super fast last night. I ended up putting her down at 9:30, which is about an hour earlier than usual. She slept pretty well and woke up for the day at 8:30. Oy vey. I liked when she slept until 11:30, personally. Maybe it was just that I liked sleeping until 11:30...the world may never know. Either way, it was nice that she didn't fight the sleep like she had the previous two nights. But, both of those nights we had her out past the sleeping point to the I-don't-want-to-sleep-anymore-but-I'm-still-super-tired-and-cranky point.

I guess it's good she woke up early today. We're going to be meeting Stephanie around noon and heading to the Civic Arena for a children's craft fair. I'm not really sure what will be going on there, but I assume it'll be a pretty good time. I most likely won't be able to stay for the whole session, as Anna will probably get hungry. Speaking of Anna, she's currently trying to make her way over to my purse and steal all of my money. The joke is on her, though, because I don't have any cash and she doesn't know how to use a debit card! Ha!

Miles and I went to the senior art show last night, or as Miles calls it, the seƱor show. The show itself was pretty good. I still think it's stupid that the pieces are picked by a juror. There was one particular person whose pieces probably made up 50% of the things there. Literally. It was nice to see a few people again, but I really didn't know many people. I expected to see more people, but I guess a lot of the people in the show are new.

Now I should take a shower.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anna is amazing. Let me tell you why.

Well, first off, she's rolled over...finally! On the 6th I laid Anna on the floor on her back, played with her a bit then rolled her over to her belly. Automatically she rolled right back over. Awesome! She had never done that before, and of course wouldn't do anymore that night. She's rolled a few times since then, but still doesn't know how she does it. So, hopefully she'll put two and two together and being rolling everywhere.

Earlier today Anna started to lean/reach out to Miles and me when we are going to be holding her. I don't know if it makes sense how I said that, but we'll assume it does and move on. I love it.

Miles and Anna have both gone to bed for the night. Miles has to work at 6am, so I'll have to wake up at 5:45 just to wake him up. Luckily I won't have to stay up then. I think I'd die, but probably not. Either way, I'm up now working on these senior pictures. My goal is to have them done either tonight or early tomorrow. It's definitely fathomable to reach that goal, so I'm looking forward to it.

Man, I really just don't have anything to say anymore.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


...A peanut butter and jelly sandwich just hits the spot. Like it did for me above five seconds ago. Lovely.

Yesterday I took some senior pictures of a girl from DeKalb. They're looking good so far, and the shoot was good, so I'm excited to work on them more. I edited a few before going to sleep last night so I could send a few to her. She's since told me that she likes them, so we're good to go. Here's a peek:

Those two are my favorites so far...especially the second one. Beautiful!

Update on my weightloss yoga adventure: I've done the video twice and it's been about three nights now since. I do plan on doing it again very soon, like hopefully tomorrow evening, though.

I think that's really all. This was pretty pointless, but that's okay. Now I'm going to go to sleep and I'm pretty stoked about that.