Friday, April 29, 2011

Cutest Baby Ever

I should go to sleep. It's almost midnight, which normally for me isn't too late, but tonight is different. Last night Anna went to sleep around 10, which is about right. Around 1:30 I decided I should head to bed. Apparently Anna didn't agree with that idea. Right after I dozed off she squealed and naturally I was scared out of my sleep. That happened a few more times before Anna decided she was done with sleeping for the time. Oy vey. She was awake until 5 aka I was awake until 5. Then she woke up at 10 today (luckily I do have the luxury of sleeping in...if Anna sleeps in).
Tonight she went to sleep around 9:30 probably. She fought it a bit, but not too bad or for too long. Again, I should go to sleep. I'm tired.

I'm still awake because of a few reasons, though. I need to clip my nails. Yep, that keeps me awake. I keep scratching Anna when I'm changing her diaper and I never have time when she's awake to do it. And, I'm working on some family pictures I took yesterday. They're looking pretty good so far, so that makes me happy. Today before Miles got out of bed I took Anna outside and set up a little photo shoot. Then after he woke up I finished that and put Anna down for a nap. She slept for a good couple of hours so that was nice. I edited the pictures I took of her (I should have worked on the family pictures, but hey, I can't help it).

Oh, oh! Sidenote: Kristi had her baby! His name is Xavier Michael, he weighed 6lbs 8oz, was 19 in long, has tons of hair, and is super adorable. Seriously, super adorable. I wish she was in town, but she's in Iowa and is too far for me to drive with Anna. Boo, boo I say.

Let me tell you a few things I miss about being pregnant.
1. People let you go in front of them in line.
2. It was socially acceptable to sit around and do nothing all day.
3. I was entitled to my 'cravings' and wasn't seeming spoiled.
4. I loved feeling Anna move around in my tummy. Loved it!

It is much better having her out here instead of in there, though. Also, I can't say I miss having basically five shirts that I fit in and only about two pairs of pants. I don't miss having to pee all the time, being extra hot, or taking an hour to roll over in bed. Most of all, I don't miss all the trouble I had to go through to put my jeans on. Seriously, it was the hardest part of my day.

Oh, I love that girl.

And, now I'm going to sleep. My neck is being a huge jerk to me these days.


  1. Those pictures are stinking CUTE!!! I love her smile!

  2. The pictures are awesome! You always do such a great job at taking pictures, and it doesn't hurt that you are taking pictures of one of the cutest babies ever!!!! I keep hearing comments on your picture-taking skills from people at school. I also saw your Alysa Ramsay Photo page and it looks like you are a hot commodity right now!