Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

And we're back.

We've returned from the southern of the two Dakotas!

It was a good time, though the weather was atrocious. If it wasn't snowing, it was raining, and if it wasn't raining it was gloomy and cold. The best was a combination of all of those things! I still blame Tom. Naturally the best weather we had up there was on our last day...then it was beautiful! And now St. Joe is handing over some almost as unpleasant weather.

I'm really hoping that I start nesting soon. There is so much cleaning/organizing that needs to happen in this apartment that I just want to have the urge to actually do it.

I do wish we had enough rooms in this apartment to have a nursery. I just want to decorate a nursery...I don't actually care about having one for any reason other than that. I just want to decorate.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dream babies are not ideal.

I'm about tired of these dreams.

The first dream I remember from last night was different and not related to babies. It was May 21, 2011 and I was spending the deal I guess how you would if you knew it was the last day. But, it also wasn't how I'd spend my last day. I was laying in a sleeping bag in a house that was supposed to be my parents', then I was watching a TV show with some guys dancing. The news was talking about how the guys on the dancing show were more annoying than before. Someone kept asking if Obama should ask if the world was going to end...but he never did.
Then I was making some macaroni and cheese and Amber was there. We were talking about the time that it was supposed to happen. I said 10:24 and she said three minutes until 9. Of course then it was 10:23 and we looked outside. A little after it turned 10:24 the sky turned bright pink/purple with huge fluffy grey clouds. We grabbed hands and said, "It's happening!" Then I woke up breathing heavy. I hate the dreams that affect me physically.

My next dream started with Aimee and Josh having Collin again. Like, they already had him and then Aimee gave birth to him again, basically redoing the last 3 years. Someone was holding him outside and he needed a jacket so I looked through his clothes to find him something. Then my mom and dad were outside in their front yard, so I grabbed my camera and went to take a few pictures of some flowers. It was sprinkling and I was talking to someone on the phone while walking in the yard and I fell. Then I got up and tried to take pictures of the flowers. The front yard turned into the lobby in the fine arts building at Missouri Western and there were tons of people there.
My 'baby' was on a plate. My baby this time was a small green oyster/compact mirror thing with a mouth. My mom told me to give the baby a tiny piece of gummy bear, so I tried that. Then the baby ate the gummy bear piece and a skittle. Later the baby turned into a tiny termite type bug. It kept crawling in and out of a glass of pop and I was afraid I was either going to lose it or accidentally smash it.

I don't like these baby dreams.