Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Saturday

Today has been fairly strange. I woke up to ridiculous winds and rain and I think I'll be going to bed with the same. Miles woke up about two hours before me and started on the laundry. I like that. A little after I woke up he headed up to the radio station to help out with the severe weather reporting. I played Donkey Kong for a bit until it calmed down then I came in and worked on some designs.

I've been stealing people's design ideas off Etsy. Oops! Oh well, I'm not ashamed to admit it...obviously. I just figure that as long as I can recreate it...why not? So here is what I've (kind of) come up with:
So, first you have the baby shower invitation.
Then the baby shower thank you card. I figure I can just write more specific thank yous on the back.
Then the baby announcement. I know I'm getting ahead of myself with that one...but when would I have time to design it after she's here? (The box is where a picture would go).
And last is Collin's birthday thank you. This, of course, is subject to whether or not Aimee and Josh like it.

After Miles got home from work we headed out to Krug Park to see the damage the storm had done. It ended up being a good thing since I got to take a walk while we were there. I took a few pictures, but nothing I'm too excited about. There was a tree that had fallen over on a truck. I would have taken pictures of that, but there were a few people around it with a cop so I didn't want to seem too intrusive. We left Krug Park and headed to Cabana for delicious ice cream...and delicious it was.

After getting back home from our little excursion, I finished up on some designing and took a shower. Miles decided to do a bit of recording for a super sweet song he has written about me. I think I'm spoiled by all the things like that that he does. Like the dinner he made for me last night and the roses and night away for our anniversary. I like him.

Around 6:30 I headed to Target with Aimee and my momma to do some registering for baby things. We always spend hours there when we go. I like registering. It's like shopping without spending money or having to put anything away. Here's to hoping I get the things I need...and some of the things I the baby shower. Other than onesies and some pajamas I didn't really register for all that many clothes. I could probably use more socks than I registered for. It'd be helpful if I knew how big Anna will be when she's born when choosing sizes for things. Oh well...if I end up with way too many newborn sized things I'll just change her four times a day. Yep...totally.
Oh! And I only bought two things while at Target. A pack of two long sleep onesies size 3-6 months for $2.24 and a Pepsi! My momma bought a cute hoodie with a bee, I think it is, on it.

In other news, tomorrow is Father's Day and I've done absolutely nothing to prepare for it. Guys are much more difficult than girls, as I can't really just make the fathers in my life paper flowers and expect them to be impressed. Miles has told me to not get him anything, and while I was still planning on getting/making him something, I haven't. I think I'll make desserts for them. I found a recipe for peanut butter cup brownies. They look delicious.My plan is to make those sometime this week and just postpone Father's Day. I'd like to make them and present them in some super cute way.
Like that. Or maybe just a regular paper box with a bow on top. Or maybe I'll find out how to make a paper crane again but give it red neck to Papa Ramsay's box then find out how to make a football or something for my dad's box. Hmm...I'll work on it. Too bad I didn't come up with these ideas this last week. That's pretty lame. I wasn't even busy!

I really don't like how when you post a picture on here it automatically goes to the top of the post. Why does that make sense to Mr. Blogspot? I find it to be annoying and stupid and I'd appreciate it if it would post the picture to where my cursor currently is located.

Now I'm hungry and want a burrito. We're out of burritos so I don't know how I will survive.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My day.

My belly is getting, or at the very least feeling, huge. I feel like it's just popped up out of nowhere and everyday it gets bigger, and bigger.

Today was my first walk...hopefully that's something I can keep up. I was feeling horribly lazy, so around 4 I put my shoes on and headed out. It wasn't horribly hot, so that was good. I probably would have only made it around once if that was the case. It's not much, but it's definitely better than doing absolutely no physical activity...unless you count typing.

After I got back I made Miles a grilled cheese with turkey and myself a grilled cheese. Then around 6 we went to my parents' house just to hang out for a bit. We started out outside but were pretty much forced to move inside after I realized that I had already gotten four mosquito bites and no one else was being bothered. They just love me for some reason, but I'll definitely say that it's not mutual. After going inside Miles and I started working on a puzzle of the United States/images of presidents and famous places. I got the top finished, and Miles almost finished the bottom but naturally there were a few pieces missing. Then we gave up and I ate popsicles.

We came home and I made some hot chocolate and hamburger helper. We ate dinner then Miles went back to sleep for a bit. I laid down for about an hour, but I didn't sleep any. My stomach wasn't feeling awesome so I couldn't fall asleep. That's fine though, I didn't need the hour of sleep, and my stomach feels much better now.

I'm really kind of hungry again. I don't know what I want...I assume I'll probably just have either a bowl of cereal or a glass of chocolate milk. Both sound pretty delicious right now.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures/Post 2

This was the weather while Miles and I were waiting in the parking lot at the zoo.
And flowers...
Baby Stuff!
Onesies in order by color!
(when I get more they're be in order by size instead)A little over 25 weeks.Boxes I've made so far for baby shower favors.The other things I made for Miles for our anniversary.

Home, again.

Sometimes I come up with what I want the title of my blog post to be, then I realize I've already used it. Today it was going to be called "And we're back." Apparently that's what I used when we got back from South Dakota. I really need to come up with some better titles.

So, it's been a year as of today! Yesterday Miles and I left for Kansas City around 3:30. We stopped by Quik Trip for drinks, as you do, or as we do, when driving through Platte City. Then we headed to basically the plaza. We stayed at a bed and breakfast called Southmoreland and it was very strange at first, but very nice. This guy named Ben showed us around the place and took our orders for breakfast in the morning. After we got settled in Miles took a "shower" then we headed down to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Neither of us had been there, so we were completely sure on what to expect. Sadly they didn't have chicken fried chicken, but they did have chicken and biscuits...which is not something I'd think to put together. It was pretty good, but fairly expensive (I think everything is expensive). I got three pieces of chicken that wasn't breaded, mashed potatoes and some biscuits all in country gravy. At first I thought the gravy tasted more like alfredo sauce, but then it slowly started to taste like wasn't very country though. We had planned on getting some cheesecake, but were both too full. We headed back to the room and played Scrabble. I won after playing 10 turns each, then we played 5 more and Miles won those. My letters were almost always "AAEEIOU" and apparently Miles wasn't drawing very many vowels. We had similar problems there.
Then, we headed to bed. Miles fell asleep around 10 since he hadn't slept since 11:45 the night before, and I went to sleep at 10:30ish, even though I woke up at noon that day. By the time I actually got ready for bed and laid down I wasn't very tired. The bed was pretty comfy but it hurt my back as just about every bed does. Miles woke up at 7 and went to read and smoke then I woke up at 7:45. Our breakfast was scheduled for 9, so I took a "shower" then finished getting ready.
Now let me tell you about these showers. They had a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom but no shower. So, to make up for the no shower, they had the shower head attached to the tub. Basically, I took a bath with a shower head that I had to hold for the majority of the time. It wouldn't have been that bad if the water wasn't always way too hot or way too the central air was on which made the bathroom even colder. When Ben was giving us the tour he called it a European shower. Psh, that's why I don't go to Europe.
After eating breakfast (french toast with peaches, some kind of fruit drink, and a pork chop) we finished getting ready then checked out.

We planned on going to the zoo today, but it decided to storm instead. We waited in the parking lot for about 45 minutes to an hour waiting for the rain to subside, but when it did it didn't last for long. Miles still wanted to go in but since I didn't know what the plan was before leaving home, I had only packed flip flops. My flip flops get super slick when wet and I didn't have any kind of jacket or sweater to wear. Plus I knew I wouldn't be getting my camera out in the rain. So, we headed home. Then I took a nap.

Miles opened his presents today. I think he liked them. I ended up getting a frame thing and a box from Hobby Lobby that I painted up and such. The frame has a picture of us from the wedding in it and the box is empty for the time being. I'm going to make cards with verses on them so I can put them in his lunch every night. I would have done that already but of course I ran out of time.

Now it's about 5:15 and I'm pretty tired...again. I don't know why. I've gotten enough sleep and I've had some coffee today...and more sleep on top of that. I think I'll just make some hot chocolate and do some laundry. Maybe I'll wash the dishes later. We'll see.

On an unrelated note, Anna is moving a ton today. I like it but since they're getting stronger and way more often since I can feel the smaller movements now, it's odd. I'm thinking Miles and I need to go register at Target soon. Then print baby shower invitations.

There's always lots to do.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've made something!

We're having Bible study again tonight. That being said, I have a bit of cleaning to do...again. But, not as much and it definitely won't take as long. Amber and Zach are coming over, I believe. My friend, Chelsea, has shown some interest in coming but wasn't able to last week and is busy again tonight. Hopefully sometime the days will work and she'll be able to make it.

In other news, this Saturday is Miles and my one year anniversary! It's gone by super fast. I'm not very good with gifts, especially for him, and of course he's really good with gifts. I had an idea for a gift for him that didn't quite work out, but it's evolved into something else, that I think I like more. For this purpose, I hope Miles doesn't read this, but in case he does - Miles, don't click these links!

It took quite a few hours to make, but I'm okay with that.

In other news, these are the cupcakes I've been talking about for the baby shower.

I think they're super cute.

And that's all for now. It's 3 and I still have to eat some lunch, clean and shower before 7. I guess that still gives me 4 hours so I should be okay.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My finger hurts!

This will be short. I've burnt my finger today and though it's not bad enough to blister (yet) it hasn't stopped hurting. I burnt it around 5 while draining water from some ravioli, then took a nap til about 8. I had to try sleeping with my hand in a towel with a bag of ice-->water in it. I woke up with a headache and realized I had gotten a sunburn while at the garage sale. The sunburn isn't that bad, doesn't hurt or anything but it is making me tired and warm.

I'll definitely be going to sleep early tonight. No 4am bedtime for me.

I do think I need to eat again, though. Last time Miles and I went shopping I bought a few things of Yoplait Whips (yogurt is okay in my book, but the chunks of fruit are not). I bought strawberry and chocolate mousse, which I figured would be either delicious or disgusting, but I was hoping for the best. Just before starting to type this up I whipped it out (pun intended) and decided to give it a try. It basically tasted like strawberry yogurt with a very strange chocolate aftertaste. All in all it wasn't good.

I really need to start coming up with interesting material before starting to type an entry.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm stoked...

about my purchase today. I was at Wal-Mart buying a few things to price the stuff Miles and I were putting in Mandy and Matt's garage sale. After I had what I needed for that, I thought I'd check to see if I could find something that would work to hang earrings on or stick magnets to for my stuff at art.i.facts. I headed to the clearance aisles, and of course they didn't have what I was looking for, but they did have...dun dun dun...DIAPERS! There were three boxes of Pampers Swaddlers for newborns packs of 84 for $10.00 each when they're normally $19.77.

That makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy is that my pinky hurts from a hangnail. Typing is not making if feel any better.

Here's something else that makes me happy: I've organized the closet in this here computer room so I can hang Anna's clothes! Of course the majority of the clothes I have for her so far don't have hangers just yet, so they're still in a bag in the closet, but it's nice that not everything is on the floor. It's also nice that I'll have that room to use for her clothes and such. I like her. She's also been kicking me a lot today...or maybe just moving a lot. I can't tell, but I do know that I like when it makes me belly move.

Now I think I should go to sleep. I'm tired and tomorrow/today I'm going to go try to help with the garage sale after I'm up and around. Hopefully I can be of some assistance.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm always hungry.

I feel bad when I'm hungry. I feel like I'm not eating enough for the banana to grow. I guess this just means I'll have to eat more, which is cool with me. The problem now is that I don't want to dirty any dishes.

I've just finished washing the dishes, cleaning the counters, killing about 4 trillion ants, and cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom is probably the worst thing in the world. There's tons of soap scum (woot) from Miles' bar soap that I scrap off with a card. Currently I'm using phone cards that Justin gave me. The smaller ones for your key chain work better than the bigger debit card sized ones.

Tomorrow evening we're having Bible study over here so I've been feeling the need to clean. Really, I've needed to clean for about 10 years anyway, so it's working out nicely.

It seems that tomorrow will be a busy day for me. This is how it's looking so far:
-Stop by art.i.facts between noon and 4 to drop off more stuff I've made and a price list.
-Clean more.
---Vacuum everywhere
---Dust the living room
---Dust our bedroom
---Put clothes away
---Clean up around the living room
---Clean off the table in the kitchen
---Sweep the kitchen floor (I think Miles is going to do that, actually)
-Bible study at 7
-I assume I should prepare some kind of food for this gathering.

Anna is moving right now and I love it.

Mr. Hall, how can I answer that?...

The topic is Haiti and she's talking about some little party.

Hello! It was his fiftieth birthday!

Whatever! If she didn't do the assignment, I can't do mine.