Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm always hungry.

I feel bad when I'm hungry. I feel like I'm not eating enough for the banana to grow. I guess this just means I'll have to eat more, which is cool with me. The problem now is that I don't want to dirty any dishes.

I've just finished washing the dishes, cleaning the counters, killing about 4 trillion ants, and cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom is probably the worst thing in the world. There's tons of soap scum (woot) from Miles' bar soap that I scrap off with a card. Currently I'm using phone cards that Justin gave me. The smaller ones for your key chain work better than the bigger debit card sized ones.

Tomorrow evening we're having Bible study over here so I've been feeling the need to clean. Really, I've needed to clean for about 10 years anyway, so it's working out nicely.

It seems that tomorrow will be a busy day for me. This is how it's looking so far:
-Stop by art.i.facts between noon and 4 to drop off more stuff I've made and a price list.
-Clean more.
---Vacuum everywhere
---Dust the living room
---Dust our bedroom
---Put clothes away
---Clean up around the living room
---Clean off the table in the kitchen
---Sweep the kitchen floor (I think Miles is going to do that, actually)
-Bible study at 7
-I assume I should prepare some kind of food for this gathering.

Anna is moving right now and I love it.


  1. I love your new layout!!! And now that your place is clean, please come and start on my mess. Don't worry, Anna can play with the kids while you work.

  2. Thanks, I quite enjoy it now, too!
    I'm sure Anna would love to play with the kids while I clean, but I don't know how safe it would be just yet...you know since her lungs aren't fully developed and everything. Maybe after that happens we can plan something, haha!