Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've made something!

We're having Bible study again tonight. That being said, I have a bit of cleaning to do...again. But, not as much and it definitely won't take as long. Amber and Zach are coming over, I believe. My friend, Chelsea, has shown some interest in coming but wasn't able to last week and is busy again tonight. Hopefully sometime the days will work and she'll be able to make it.

In other news, this Saturday is Miles and my one year anniversary! It's gone by super fast. I'm not very good with gifts, especially for him, and of course he's really good with gifts. I had an idea for a gift for him that didn't quite work out, but it's evolved into something else, that I think I like more. For this purpose, I hope Miles doesn't read this, but in case he does - Miles, don't click these links!


It took quite a few hours to make, but I'm okay with that.

In other news, these are the cupcakes I've been talking about for the baby shower.

I think they're super cute.

And that's all for now. It's 3 and I still have to eat some lunch, clean and shower before 7. I guess that still gives me 4 hours so I should be okay.


  1. That is so cool!!!! I think it's very thoughtful as well. You and Miles are so blessed to be together. I was thinking about that yesterday, how Miles had been praying for a godly wife for years and how the Lord granted his request. There are alot of believers that the Lord has remain single despite their longing for a mate, but the Lord gave Miles you! You are such a beautiful and wonderful answer to prayer. You amaze me with your talent, your creativity, your patience, and your merciful ways. I have learned alot by watching you. You are not only an answer to Miles' prayer, the Lord also blessed me with a great sister and a great friend! I praise God for you! Happy soon to be anniversary!

  2. Oh, and the cupcakes look amazing! I would like to eat them for breakfast.

  3. Oh Mandy you're far too nice to me! I know that I definitely am very blessed to have him. He's a very good husband, and today he actually left me flowers and a small note. Usually I have an idea as to why he will do that, but today I'm clueless, haha!