Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My day.

My belly is getting, or at the very least feeling, huge. I feel like it's just popped up out of nowhere and everyday it gets bigger, and bigger.

Today was my first walk...hopefully that's something I can keep up. I was feeling horribly lazy, so around 4 I put my shoes on and headed out. It wasn't horribly hot, so that was good. I probably would have only made it around once if that was the case. It's not much, but it's definitely better than doing absolutely no physical activity...unless you count typing.

After I got back I made Miles a grilled cheese with turkey and myself a grilled cheese. Then around 6 we went to my parents' house just to hang out for a bit. We started out outside but were pretty much forced to move inside after I realized that I had already gotten four mosquito bites and no one else was being bothered. They just love me for some reason, but I'll definitely say that it's not mutual. After going inside Miles and I started working on a puzzle of the United States/images of presidents and famous places. I got the top finished, and Miles almost finished the bottom but naturally there were a few pieces missing. Then we gave up and I ate popsicles.

We came home and I made some hot chocolate and hamburger helper. We ate dinner then Miles went back to sleep for a bit. I laid down for about an hour, but I didn't sleep any. My stomach wasn't feeling awesome so I couldn't fall asleep. That's fine though, I didn't need the hour of sleep, and my stomach feels much better now.

I'm really kind of hungry again. I don't know what I want...I assume I'll probably just have either a bowl of cereal or a glass of chocolate milk. Both sound pretty delicious right now.


  1. I would recommend eating ice cream 5 times a day with french fries nearby. If you ever need/want someone to walk with, I'm your girl!

  2. Ice cream and french fries...yum. Actually, neither sound too spectacular right now, but I'm assuming they will in about five minutes!

    I'll definitely take you up on the walking! I, not surprisingly, haven't walked anymore since then. Oops!