Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oy vey.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be hectic. I have to get my nails done at 10, but I am going to pick up Aimee first, then head to the bank to deposit a couple checks (because I have yet to do that) then go to the nail place.

After we get our nails done I have to finish the verse things. The holders are all done, but now the actual verse printed on vellum needs to be taped to rectangles. It's taking a while, but I don't think I have too much left to do. Then I could stand to do about 6 more candle holders...and make a play list for the reception...and download that here comes the bride song...and download the song we're going to play as we walk back down the aisle...and acquire my dress, flowers, and shoes from Miles' parents' house...and go to the rehearsal at 6.

It's supposed to rain the rest of the week. I'm really, really hoping it doesn't rain on Friday. I'm glad we didn't plan to have this thing outside...but nonetheless I'd still like for it to be nice out for pictures and such. Oh please, please, please let it be nice out.

Today (Wednesday) I went to the apartment and washed a ton of dishes. Our mattress was delivered at 3, so I had to hold down the fort for that. Later Miles brought over the frame and we set that up. I'm excited to get the bed made and be able to sleep on it. It's super comfortable and much better than the bed I sleep on now (which is Cassie's daybed from when she was little).

Whenever the apartment gets all done I'll take photos to post. Hopefully it's as cute as I envision it to be.

On another note, my face is breaking out. Actually, my back is, too. Awesome! Nothing like a rainy wedding day filled with pimples! Ugh. Hopefully these things get!

I guess I really should head to bed. It's now 2am and I need to wake up around 8 to get ready for the day. I know there won't be a time in there for a nap and I'll be up late. Miles and I are going to exchange gifts and go shopping for some groceries tomorrow night. We want the apartment to be at least halfway livable Friday.


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