Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm super, super relaxed...and super, super tired.

In the fall of '09 I bought a weight loss yoga DVD at Kmart. I tried it for about 2 minutes a little while after I bought it, and soon after that I found out I was pregnant. It's no surprise I never touched it again after that. Tonight I whipped that DVD back out and did a bit of it. There are 3 levels, and a warm up and cool down. The first level is only 20 minutes long, but I did it along with the warm up and cool down. The cool down was my favorite as it was only stretching and laying on the floor. It wasn't a hard workout, but it was hard for me. I haven't done any kind of workout, other than going for walks, for a long, long time. In an ideal world I'd keep up with this video...but I probably won't. The true test is to see if I do it tomorrow...hmm...

Anyway, that workout made me super tired. There's lots of deep breathing which translates into a lot of yawning. It's very similar to the Pilates class I took in the spring of '09. It was in the morning so I was always super sleepy in class.

In other news, I'm fairly excited for Saturday. I'll be taking some senior pictures! I haven't done that in ages. Senior pictures are definitely my favorite to do...other than taking pictures of Anna. I will be doing that, also, though. When it gets a bit warmer I'm going to take Anna outside somewhere (if only we had a yard) in a dress and probably a headband and take some pictures. This last Saturday Miles and I took Anna to see my grandma Pike and she mentioned how she didn't have any pictures of Anna on her shelves that are filled with pictures of grandchildren. We'll remedy that ASAP...

...but ASAP is not tonight, therefore I should wash my face and go to sleep.

Yep, that's what I'm going to do.

Oh, sidenote: I've found a recipe for Snickers cupcakes that I think I'll need to try soon. I'd very much like to balance out all the effort I put into that pesky workout.

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  1. I am ready for those Snickers cupcakes. They sound delicious!