Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Will Be Short

I don't know if "be" should be capitalized in that there title. I guess if I'm wrong in capitalizing it I could always claim that I'm using my poetic license. Ha!

Anyway, it's 2:20am and I should really be going to bed. Technically I'm headed that way. My teeth are brushed, my hair is back, my faced is washed...heck, I've even already put lotion and chapstick on. I'm practically already sleeping!

Anna was especially difficult tonight for bed time. She was also especially cute, but that's a given. I tried putting her in a dress sleeper instead of a button up sleeper, thinking she'd be cooler since her legs wouldn't be totally covered. Instead of trying to sleep she just kept kicking her legs up and pushing off her blankets so she could try to grab her feet. That girl, I tell you, is ornery.

I've designed a business card.

It's cropped strangely at the moment. I should have done that differently, but alas, it's done and I'm tired therefore it will not be redone. I like it, though. It's clean, simple and bold. Woot!

Maybe soon I'll update with an actual update on what's been going on lately. Maybe...dun dun dun...!

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