Friday, August 7, 2009

Reading blogs, watching vlogs, and things of the like make me want to type. The thing is that I always think that I have something to say, then I start typing and realize it's not interesting.

I think I am relatively close to finishing editing these engagement pictures...! Woot! I do think I can finish them tonight. Miles is sleeping currently because he has to work tomorrow from noon to 6 (when he usually works from midnight to 7am) so his hours are going to be thrown all off. If he wakes up I probably won't be able to finish them tonight because he'll probably be bored and distract me. But, the whole point to this is that eventually I might post a few (I really don't know why, anyone who reads this would also see them on Facebook...).

This weekend is tax free weekend in Missouri. Awesome! Not really! So it's awesome for those people who are buying clothes and school supplies, but what about us retail workers?! What about us?! It was super busy at Kmart and people get angry fast. Customers think this whole no-tax thing should roll over to layaway, but it doesn't, which made one lady very angry. She really tried to offend me, I think, and make me angry. She failed!
Anyway, I worked from 3-10:15 today. The whole day I just felt irritable. I didn't want to answer the phone, do returns, ring people up, do overrides for the cashiers. All of those things are my job. I don't know what was wrong with me, but everything was just making me angry. Then I ate my lunch. Miles had made me a lunch since I make him a lunch every night before he goes to work. It was nice. I felt better after that, but it was still busy.

Okay, I've given in.

There are many more that I've edited, but I don't want to go through them now. Maybe I'll post more later, or maybe I won't. Probably the latter, but I will upload them to my photography Facebook page. (Look at Steven's shadow in that last one! I love it!)

Now I should return to editing if I plan on finishing them tonight.

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