Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday...already?

This week has smashed together.
Yesterday was Trenda's funeral. I met Lauren, Jalisa and Sarah at Kmart then we headed over there together. Along with quite a few other Kmart people we stood around for probably 20 minutes. Everyone else apparently got the message to go to the funeral home first. Not us! We all met at the cemetery. It was short after they all got there.
Then I worked 3-10:15. Today I worked 7:45-1. I was super tired the whole time. Steve showed me how the do test scans, which is what Trenda was always working on. They're easy and I love them because I simply love busy work.

Tonight we're going to World's of Fun...eventually. After I got home today I watched an episode of NCIS, because that's what I do. Then I ate lunch, then took a nap. It was only a mediocre nap as it just wasn't long enough. I kept hitting the snooze button on my phone. It goes off every 9 minutes, which I'll never understand. Then my mom text me and said they're cooking out tonight. Anyway, back to my main point. Miles just got in the shower and I'm cooking some tater tots. We're going to eat those and hot dogs before we go.

I have tomorrow off - because it's Sunday. I'll sleep in, but then I'll regret it because I have to wake up at 6 on Monday. I was supposed to have Monday off, but Jalisa called in for Saturday (after already being scheduled, that is a pet peeve of mine) so Maggie moved to Saturday and I'm taking Monday. Well, actually Lauren and I are splitting Monday. I'm working til noon and she'll work til 5. I have Saturday off because Stacy from the radio station is getting married so Miles and I are attending at least the reception.

Then I'm working Tuesday 5-10:15, Wednesday 4-10:15, Thursday 2-6, and Friday 12-6. I've been getting way too many hours lately. Wanda said they're going to need someone else at service because Jalisa wants off too much. They're bringing Lauren up but she doesn't want to open. I don't know what they'll do. Natasha is my next guess, but she doesn't want up there. She won't even let me show her how to do a return so she could cover breaks.

Then Aimee's birthday is the 8th. I'm actually very excited for it because I really want to give her her gifts. I bought her a purse from Kmart (it was on clearance for $5, then I got my discount on top of it...I bought myself one, too), then I decorated a box for her. I'm going to put the box in the purse, then a Whatchamacallit, Hazel's gift card, a couple bookmarks then possibly something else, in her box. I like other peoples' birthdays.

The 11th and 12th Miles and I are going to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It's a birthday present to me. I always tell him I want to go on a picnic, so we're going to Falls Park...on a picnic. It's cute, really. I'm going to take a bunch of pictures, I'm sure. Yay!

And now the tater tots are done! It's time to eat, get ready, then leave. OFF TO FUNS OF WORLD!

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