Monday, August 3, 2009

The Different Reasons

There are different reasons that I like to write blogs.

1. There's something I really want to talk about and even if I talk to many-a-people about it, I just like to type it out.

2. I want to complain but not out loud.

3. I can talk about absolutely nothing and it's okay because no one is forced to read it.

4. I just want to type.

Tonight I just want to type.

The bad thing about the internet is that it completely diminishes the need for real letters. I just want to type a real letter on a typewriter and mail it to someone. I always liked typing on typewriters because of the noise that the keys made...but I never liked it because I constantly messed up so nothing was legible. Oh well.

I took pictures of Rebekah and Steven yesterday. We went to Easton Road and downtown. It was an alright time. The pictures will be okay.
The bad news: STUPID ISO.
I shot everything in auto since it was bright enough there really wasn't anything to worry about with light and whatnot. BUT, for some reason I had previously decided to adjust the ISO on the auto setting to HI .3 (or something like that) for some crazy reason. Basically, the film that Jeanie made us buy for photography class was 400 because it was good in pretty basic lighting. I'm sure using like 100 or 200 would be just fine for the kind of day it was yesterday. HI .3 is higher than 1600! The pixels are enormous and therefore the photos are grainy. Luckily they aren't horribly terrible, just grainy.
The only good thing that comes from this is that I know I will never do it again...and I will no longer change the ISO on the automatic setting. It's just a bad idea all together.

I have to work 5 days this week. That's 7 hours for 3 days, 5 hours for 1 day and 4 hours for 1 day. Okay, so really it's not that bad. But what is that bad is that I'm closing everyone of those days. That means I get home around 10:30. Now we all know that Miles goes to work around midnight. He sleeps during the day, when I'm awake, or is at work for the other part of the day that I'm awake. I'm working when he's awake. This just won't work!
There are 3 older ladies that work at the service desk. We're all supposed to only have to close a couple of days a week...not 5! But, honestly, I'd rather close than open. I just can't get to sleep early and I like the people that work at night more than the day people (not necessarily the whole group, but it's more part time people at night).

I think that's all for now. I would really like to get back to editing pictures so I can sleep soon.

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