Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two in one day, within a few hours of each other? Have I gone mad?!

Today I was supposed to make my way to my parents' house to collect things from my previous bedroom so my brother can move in because his bedroom is about the size of a large closet...seriously. Well, that has yet to happen. Now it's 5:45 and I just got out of the shower a little bit ago. I assume Miles will be waking up in the next couple of hours, so I'm hesitant to leave home now.

I keep thinking of this. During the school year I was talking to people at school and I mentioned how whenever I like some, i.e. a band, tv show, etc. I have to know everything about it. For some reason, just liking it has never been enough for me. I think it started with Leonardo DiCaprio, but of course I was in 5th grade when I liked him, and the internet wasn't so popular then. Then it moved onto Nsync. I learned way too much about those guys and sadly I still remember probably 80% of it. Then Incubus! I don't remember as much of that as I do the Nsync information (strangely enough). These days I still do it. How sad. Now it's NCIS. Why do I do this?

Another time waster that I'm totally guilty of taking part in is watching YouTube videos. Videos about absolutely nothing. There are people that 'vlog' (web+log=blog video+blog=vlog) and I just keep watching them. Really, they're not very entertaining and they don't really have anything meaningful to really say.

Okay. Now I think that's really it for the day.

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