Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today is my dad's birthday. Around 3 we're going to go over to my parents' house and make lasagna and spaghetti. It should be an okay time. My dad is fairly hard to buy presents for because he has everything he needs and he doesn't want much. The gift from Miles and me is a frame that holds three pictures and the pictures I'm going to put in it are of him and his friends Dave and Bob who he's known since college. They were both at my wedding and my mom had Lexi take some pictures of them. Then I also made him a card. I think he'll like them.

Last night we gave up my car. Okay, rewind. That's a horrible place to start this story.

My car has slowly been falling apart for quite some time. First my back tire frame thing was bent so my tire kept losing air quickly. Actually, before that it was leaking brake fluid for probably 6 or more months. It got to the point that I'd have to put brake fluid in everyday or my brakes would literally start to go out. One time my brother drove my car and didn't put any brake fluid in it when he was done. Then that night I got in the car and realized I needed some brake fluid...suprise! I was out. Miles and I were going to Olive Garden with my family that night for someone's birthday I think, and Miles wanted me to pick him up. On the turn into Olive Garden my brakes wouldn't work until I slowed down more. After leaving Olive Garden we went to Wal Mart to get more brake fluid, and also on the turn in I had to drive really fast in front of cars that were going the other way because I couldn't slow down. Finally my grandpa fixed that problem.
Then, I barely had heat in the winter...
Then, my tire frame thing was bent, and we didn't have a regular tire that would actually fit on my car so for the past however long I've been driving on a donut. I didn't notice that it was really that much smaller than the other tires until someone pointed it out to me.
Then, my brakes were like grinding really bad. It just sounded like metal on metal and it started to become harder to stop. Then, my brother fixed that problem.
Then, the back of my car would pop when turning right. Then it would pop when turning left, too. All the while my back tire is still going flat because it's a jerk. Then, yesterday it started to pop just when driving, not even turning or anything. My dad told me to take it to Miles' mechanic, but Miles and I had planned on handing my car back over to my parents anyway so we wouldn't have to pay the insurance on two cars instead of one. So, yesterday after I got off work Miles met me at their house and I moved things from my car to his car.
I liked me car even though most of the time I had it it had something wrong with it. Miles' car feels huge to drive because the neon was just so little.
Miles was always kind of upset at my parents for the way the dealt with my car. I would often tell them that something was wrong with it, and they'd say "oh well we'll get it looked at sometime" even when it was the brakes that wouldn't work. But when one of their cars had the tiniest problem, poor air conditioner for example, it was fixed quickly. Not fair! I'm over here almost dying every time I drive my car and they're not helping. Psh! Anyway, I still liked my car.

Tomorrow I'm taking an application and résumé to the court house. They had a thing in the classifieds for a full time and part time clerk. I am going to apply for the part time position. That'd give me time to take pictures and such, so that'd be nice. I think I'd like to have more predictable hours and a more regular schedule. I'd also make more there than at Kmart. I really don't mind working at Kmart though. Sure, I hate to do returns even though it's my job, but I do like the people I work with and I really love knowing how to do my job. But, I can learn something else.

Oh, oh! Also, my mom downloaded Adobe CS4 and got it to work! She gave me all the files and whatnot a couple of days ago. Miles installed it yesterday and finished it last night. I'm stoked to have Illustrator again. But, the sad thing is that now I have to upload all of the actions I use to edit pictures and I'm not sure what they're called so I have to upload way more than normal to find them. Then I need to download fonts...and find Microsoft Office so I can get the fonts that come with it.

I guess for now I should listen more carefully to these Bible studies that I've been listening to.

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