Sunday, July 26, 2009

Occasionally I feel like a huge bum. I applied for that job at that courthouse. Update (kind of): they received 600 applications. Naturally, I haven't heard back from them. I did do a follow up call and the lady that answered wasn't at all helpful (after hearing that they had to many applicants, I now understand that she had probably received the same phone call a hundred times over). But, it's okay. I prayed about it (a bunch) and it's cool if I'm not supposed to be there.

I've made a Facebook photography page. I suggested the page to a few seniors that I know. I hoping some of them bite. There are quite a few seniors that I work with that I'm trying to snatch up. I think I might have caught Katie, but as of now she's it. Jay says maybe, but he might have his sister take his pictures. Bailey said she'd come to me if the pictures her mom took didn't come out good, but she likes them, so Bailey is a no (though I am hoping that I catch Jay and make his pictures good to catch an already gone Bailey). I don't think Preston really cares either way. I haven't really talked to Korby about it. I've talked to Tyler about his girlfriend who goes to DeKalb and will be a senior. Oh, I think I might have snatched Sarah's sister Lauren. I don't know if this whole thing is going to work, but I would like to think it will.
I'm going to take engagement pictures for Rebekah and Steven this coming Saturday. I'm excited for that and I need to pick a couple of locations for them because I don't think Rebekah will tell me either way where she would want to go. Then in January I'm going to take pictures at their wedding. I think that will be a pretty big project, but I guess it'd be good for me.

I went to lunch with Cassie on Thursday, I think. I was talking to her about babies and things of the sort. She said she wants to wait until she has her career set up before having a baby. I realized something about that statement. It really makes no sense. I've decided that I'm much rather not have a full time career outside of the home before having a baby. If not, it's like, okay I'm going to have a baby then make someone else watch it everyday of the week while I'm gone. No thank you, ma'am. How I think this will go is that I think there will be a time eventually when I make enough money (not a lot of money) each month to contribute to our family. If I get pregnant I'm not going to want to be working outside of the house, and I definitely won't want to be gone after/if I have a baby.
....And I would like to have a baby.
I really don't have anything that I'm waiting for.

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