Monday, July 6, 2009

We finally have internet. I wanted to watch some videos on Youtube, but we don't have flash and I kept trying to download it but it never worked. Oh well, I'll survive for now.

It's basically 2am and I really should go to bed. I just don't want to...I'd much rather edit pictures than sleep, but I don't think that's going to happen.

I really don't feel like there is much to say, but it's probably because I'm tired.

Let's see...what has been going on.

The 4th was good. I was super stoked that I got the day off after switching hours with Trenda for Friday night instead of Saturday. She wanted time and a half and I wanted the time worked nicely. Miles and I had a pretty busy day. First we went to Kmart and bought Collin an outfit, a pair of shorts, a jacket, a baseball glove with a ball, and a t-ball set. Then we went to Wal Mart to do our grocery shopping for the next couple of weeks. We called Aimee to see if she needed anything for Collin's party while we were there. She said either macaroni or potato salad. So, we picked up some macaroni salad. Then we got back to the apartment and put everything up and I realized that I didn't get Collin a card. I made him a card real quick (good thing he can't read yet) and wrapped his present. As I was walking to the computer/ping pong room to get my camera my mom called me and said to grab the grill brush from their house because the grill at the park was dirty. I blame my forgetting the macaroni salad and my camera on her phone call. I'm sure I would have remember those things.

Side note: I forget everything these days. Miles is headstrong on making sure the computer (computer itself, external hard drives, and speakers), all the lights, the coffeepot and the air conditioners are all turned off and the doors locked. Yes, they're all good things to do when leaving the apartment, but since I'm so afraid of forgetting to do one of those things I am constantly forgetting things.

Back to the story. We went to Collin's party and had a pretty good time. Really it was just everyone hanging around until we ate lunch, then cookies, then Collin opened his presents. I like him.

After his party we came back to the apartment for a little bit. I think I edited a few pictures while waiting around. At 6 we went to Miles' brother's house. We had dinner with Zach and Erin and Miles and Zach played some RBI Baseball and Megaman. At 8:30 we headed over to my parents' house and hung out with my family, Amber and a few others until about 11:30. It was a good 4th.

Not much else has happened.

We went on our honeymoon. It was wonderful in Oklahoma and Arkansas, not matter how odd that sounds. It was hot down there but pretty. When we left our cabins we left a thank you note and a tract. Tim, the father of the family who owns the place, sent Miles an email about how we can't trust what we're being taught and how we need to seek the teachings of a church and scholars. I just don't think he really understands what he's saying, but hopefully he'll be shown.

As for now I must will just wait until tomorrow when I am actually awake.

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