Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm getting pretty good at this cooking thing.

Last night I made some pork chops ( and they were delicious and super easy to make. I will be making those again in the not too distant future, I'm sure.

Today I've just been sitting around. Of course I've been editing pictures and things of the sort. I'm getting closer to being done with those wedding pictures, but I still have a ton more to do. I also re-sized some pictures I took of Kristi so I could upload them onto the Facebook photography account I've made. I am going to get all the information typed in on there before I publish the page. I hope to get a bunch of fans that I know either know a senior or are going to be seniors so I can get some business that way. Hopefully that works out.

Tonight I have to work from 6-10:15. It really shouldn't be too bad, but I'm really getting sick of having to close all the time. Monday I worked from 3-10:15 and Saturday I work 4-10:15. Actually I should go make sure I'm not mixing those days up. I was supposed to work Friday 8 to 4 in ladies wear. I gave the hours to Kristi then they cut either way I don't have to work those anymore.

Monday I turned in my application and résumé to the courthouse. I would like to get that job, I think. I assume a bunch of people have applied for it though, I guess really the only thing I can do about it is pray. If I'm supposed to go there I will, and if not, then oh well. Maybe I'm supposed to be at Kmart.

I've decided that I want to exercise. I probably won't, but I definitely need to. I think I should start walking about the neighborhood here. Quite a few people walk, and there are sidewalks all over the place so that's good. Maybe I will.

Erin's birthday is next Tuesday. I'm really not sure what to get her. I just really don't know her well enough to get her something she'd really like other than a gift certificate, but those are boring to buy for people. I really want to make something, but I just don't know what. I know that she likes poppies, baked goods, American Eagle, Twixes, hoodies, Cheddar's, swimming...ummm...that's all I can think of now. She likes 311, Weezer, Regina Spektor, Incubus, kind of. But, I can't do anything with any of those. I really want to do something with poppies but as luck would have it, poppy season is over. Tomorrow I am going to go to Hobby Lobby and look around, hoping to find something I can do with that.

I guess for the time being I should just worry about getting ready for the day (even though it's already 2:30), getting some laundry done, and going to work.
I also need to ask Lexi about a copy right release. I know no one is going to print the wedding pictures unless I have one.

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