Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart is a jerk.

This week Kmarts in Kansas City are doubling coupons! Yay!

Really I hate it. We're not doing it in town, but we'll still do it if you ask. Basically, we have to ring everything up like normal, scan all the coupons then type in the amount for each one, again. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Also, there were rules this time. You couldn't have any more than 4 of any item, no more than 10 coupons per person per day, and you were also supposed to have at least $25 worth of pantry items.
At 2:00 a lady decided to check out with her daughters and friend. I told her the rules and naturally they didn't like that. Their way around it was to have her daughters and sons all do separate transactions so all of the transactions would be coming from her. Okay, fine, I did it with a tiny bit of resistance. We have 3 registers are the service desk. One that runs like all of the other registers in the store and two that are programed for returns. Naturally the one I choose to run on is the normal one. It froze 3 times when I was trying to double the coupons. I had to redo 3 separate transactions on the refund register (which is especially annoying because you have to press 'sale' each time you want to scan something that isn't a return...and it moves too slow).
Okay, let's get this straight. I have no problem if someone wants to double coupons for a couple of things they need and they aren't ridiculous about it. When you buy 20 things of Visine, 8 containers of carpet cleaner, 8 of the same deodorant, etc. that's just a little dumb. Especially since these people get so angry when something isn't aloud. It's like, hey, don't get mad at me that all of your stuff isn't free! They buy like $200 worth of stuff and end up paying $5 of it. Oh I hate double coupon time.

Tomorrow night I work 6-10:15, so it should be okay.
Friday and Saturday I'm working 7:45 to 3. It better not be as stupid as today. I just don't like Kmart. I think I'm just getting sick of working there...for good reason.

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