Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Designs 'N' Things

I got the copyright release for the wedding pictures!

I think tomorrow I am going to get some photos printed. That should be a pretty mediocre time.

That is my new photography logo. I initially was trying to make a sunburst to use as a background for this blog. Then for some reason I made it a logo. I like it better than the old one.

Also, I have designed a thank you card thingy for the wedding.

I do think that I'd like to design some wedding invitations. Maybe I should start designing some random things and put that on my Facebook site thing. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm slowly trying to get my stuff put away. I still have boxes and bags of things that need a home in our apartment. I just have to take everything out of our storage closet and restack it. I don't want it to be too hard for me to get to my craft things.

I received my external flash yesterday! Woo! The problem is that it requires 4 AA batteries and guess how many I have around here that aren't being used? 2! That's not enough! So, tonight I am going to buy a small pack of batteries so I can actually try it out.

Oh, also photo related. I have some people lined up for senior photos!
Jay (Probably)
Katie (if we can ever find a time)
Leeanne (my distant cousin's sister-in-law)
Danielle (if her parents agree on it)

I'm stoked! The bad thing is that Kmart has been giving me way more hours that I want. Sure, it helps monetarily, but not when I'm trying to take pictures of people and can't find a time since I'm working all the time. Oy vey.

I guess I shall return to my putting away things then get ready for work.


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  1. I like the new look! I told someone about your amazing picture taking skills. She is looking for someone to help document her belly as it grows (she is pregnant! ) she gave me a link of the look she likes. If you are interested shoot me a fb message and I will find that link for you! :)