Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm really very tired. I do think I'll be going to bed soon.

Today (Monday) Wanda called me around noon. She left me a message asking if I could come into work early. She didn't say why, so I called back. She said that Trenda had shot herself and it wasn't looking good, she sounded super upset. So, I went into work at 3 and picked up 2 more days this week. Before Maggie left she said that they had to revive Trenda 3 times and she probably wouldn't make it.
Maggie and Helena were both trying to figure out why she would have done this. They're reasons don't stray too far from Kmart. Saying, "Well, I know she really didn't like closing." Come on, ladies, that's foolish. Trenda was one of the most seemingly happy people. She was 49 and super talkative. She had one daughter that is around 7 or 8. She just got married a few months ago (she had be married previously, but I think she had been with this guy for a really long time...I don't really know).
Tonight after work everyone from work on Facebook is saying things like "We'll miss you, Trenda." And I'm wondering where they're getting their news. I mean, she probably won't make it, but as of close tonight we had no new updates.

I think my problem with things like this, other than the obvious problem with suicide, is how people react. There are people that are truly affected, and the people that say things just for the attention. They gravitate toward tragedy. I just don't understand that.

Anyway, when I got to work today I wasn't in a great mood, naturally. Customers' problems just seemed so stupid that I just ignored them for the most part when they told me how their hand held electronic games weren't working, or that the towels they bought aren't the right color for their bathroom. Actually, I think the guy that returned the towels thought I was strange because I was half crying when doing the return.

Tomorrow I am going to go to lunch with Amber. My birthday is Wednesday and she has class and work. I'm working 2-6 and had planned on going to dinner with my family (my side of the family, anyway) afterward. But, my mom has night classes. I think the plan now is to go to Miles' parents' house for dinner (chicken! mashed potatoes! noodles! cake!) I asked my mom if they're busy Thursday evening and she just responded a few minutes ago saying she has another night class. I don't know when I'll celebrate with them. Since I don't drink I don't think they know how to celebrate with me. They had a luau for my brother's friend David for his birthday (the backyard was totally decked out for that) and my mom cooked roast beef, noodles, and mashed potatoes then they all went out for Rayna's (David's girlfriend) birthday. That's the life of the child that has very little in common with the parents.

Yeah, now it's time for me to sleep.

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