Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, ho, ho.

I took Katie's senior pictures yesterday. That was an alright time. We said we'd meet at Farris' truck stop at 1. I got off work at 12 and had planned on bringing everything with me so I could just stop by my parents' house to change, eat, and start some laundry before rushing out there. But, of course, I forgot the clothes to change into. So, I rushed home, rushed around to make a sandwich and change, rushed to get gas, rushed to my parents' house, rushed back out to the car and rushed out to Farris'. I ended up getting there around 12:50. So, I thought at most I had about 10 minutes before heading out to take pictures. It got to be 1:05 and Katie was no where to be found. I texted her and asked if she was on her way she responded with a 'yes'. So I sat and waited longer. About 10 minutes later I texted her again to see if she was close and she didn't respond. So, I start thinking that maybe something happened to her, because as far and I knew she was driving when she texted me back and now she wasn't responded and hadn't shown up yet. So, I call her. She says she can now see Farris'. Katie had previously told me she only lived 5 minutes from Farris'. Basically, she showed up at 1:30 which was a little upsetting, but ultimately not a huge deal.

We went to her mom's friend's house. They had a pond and a long gravel drive way. Her mom brought their horse over to take pictures with. His name was Jack and he was pretty. We took those photos, then headed to Krug Park with a Kmart pit stop. My external flash kept saying "bat" which I assume means the battery is going to die...because really, what else could it mean that makes any kind of sense? So, I bought some batteries before heading out there. While at Kmart Katie moved her stuff over from her car to the Camry so we both didn't have to drive. When we got to Krug we took a few pictures on some stairs then went to the theater. I was carrying around some of her clothes and my camera bag so I wasn't very coordinated. After leaving Krug we went downtown. Katie was changing into this black and white gingham shirt (that was super cute) and couldn't find her black tank top that she had brought to wear underneath it. So, she says, "I think you lost my black tank top. I brought it for this shirt." So, I look around the clothes in the back and couldn't find it. Then I felt bad, I mean, you're not supposed to lose people's clothes when taking their picture. So, I offered to buy her a new one. She says no and that it isn't a big deal, but kind of in a "you lost my shirt" way. She found a white tank top to wear underneath the black and white one and all was well.

After all of the pictures were taken we headed back to Kmart so I could drop her off. While moving things back to her car she says, "Look! I had an extra one in my car!" She found the black tank top that she accused me of dropping...but didn't say that I didn't actually lose the shirt. What?! Not fair! I didn't lose her shirt, she just didn't move it over!

In other news, I was driving behind a motorcycle yesterday on the way to watch Miles and boys play volleyball. It's license plate said AR 6HH. Just remember that the numbers used on license plates are more round...okay, it looked like it said ARGHH, and it made me laugh.

Now I should stop wasting time and start editing these pictures before I have to work tonight.


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