Sunday, September 20, 2009

I don't close at all this week...I only work one shift that is over 4 hours...AND...I have Saturday off.

This is wonderful.

I've been in the process of editing pictures from South Dakota. They're looking alright. I haven't had time to just sit down and edit a bunch to finish them, but I assume that I will sometime this week.
I also feel like making things this week. Tomorrow I am going to take a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy more scrapbook paper. This next Sunday is a baby shower to Megan (I don't really know her, but she married Seth who is the son of my parents' friends.) I'm not going, but I think my mom might be. I am going to send a gift with her. I've decided that I am going to decorate a box with blue paper and put the baby's name, Harper, on the top. Inside the box will be a few small, probably plain white, onesies and maybe something else. I think it'll be cute.

I've also been trying to think of some things I could make for people for Christmas. I'm not really sure what to do so far, but I'm excited to get started on whatever it will be.

In other news, I am going to buy a new lens...again! This time it will be a wide angle lens, so I'm stoked. That should be fun.
And this Saturday I'm going to take some pictures. It will be either up at my great grandparents' old farm or at Mt. Mora cemetery. I'm really hoping for the farm because I can go to the cemetery at any time. I guess we'll see. It all depends on my mom and grandma. I hope they're still up for it.

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