Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I feel like a dunce.

Last night I got impatient.

NCIS's season 7 premiere was last night at 7, and NCIS: Los Angeles was to follow directly after. We don't have cable so I had planned on watching them both online. For some reason I thought I'd see if anyone had uploaded them by 9:30 last night (which really was stupid because they still would have been playing on the west coast). I found one of those yahoo question/answer things about where to watch it. So, I clicked and it took me to a blogspot. There was a video embedded on the page but it wasn't loading. So, I refreshed then it came up. When I pressed play it said I needed to download an extension thing, and recently I've kept getting these pop up things saying I needed to update flash, so I figured it had something to do with that. I clicked it and the screen went black then to a blue screen that said Windows was shut down so the computer wouldn't be harmed.


Miles had set up the computer to have a last good configuration we could resort to if the computer messed up, but apparently I messed it up too bad to even do that. I had to totally restart everything on the computer and put it back to how it is when you get it out of the box.


Sure, it's technically okay now, but anything saved to the computer is lost. I didn't really have all that much saved except for a few Illustrator files that I really should have backed up for some reason never did. But, I guess Miles had a bunch of video files saved to the computer that were backed up. Those are gone.


Now we have to reinstall Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Which means I will have to go back through all of the Photoshop actions I have on two CDs and find the ones I actually use. That wouldn't be such a big deal, but their names are so obscure, like "photoshop_coloring__action by night_fate 11049" or "princessdarkness set 57" and I use a bunch of the ones that are just numbered. That will not be a good time.

Anyway, I just feel like a huge dumb-o. We didn't have any virus protection in the first place, which I'm sure didn't help the situation at all. I think maybe this time around we should get something to keep stupid trojans away from my precious, precious, Adobe Suite.

In other news, once I got the computer back to a functioning state last night I watched the season premiere of NCIS and NCIS:LA. I have to say that the season finale of NCIS last season was better than the season premiere. And, there was a fight scene in NCIS:LA that made it seem like I was watching a Kung Fu movie, as I would here the punch then see it (watching fast paced things online doesn't always work out for the best).

In other, good, news:
-This Saturday I think I am going to take more pictures of Lauren (but as of now it's supposed to be rainy, so I don't know how that will go).
-October 3rd I am taking some senior pictures. (I sent the girl a message on Facebook today and she responded with a bunch of I don't know if she meant to or if it was accidental, and she was using her phone. Let's say I hope it was accidental and that she'll actually send me a real message later because if not I'll feel super dumb sending her another message later.)
-October 10th I'm taking Jay's senior pictures. (That will be a good time. Jay won't be shy or timid or anything of the sort and he's full of ideas.)
-My friend Kristi has found me another person to take pictures of! Her name is Jessie and I don't know her, but I told Kristi to tell her to add me on Facebook. She had told me about her a few weeks ago, but today she had text me and said that Jessie's parents were cool with me taking her pictures. So, we'll see how that goes!
-I think I may be talking Preston into letting me take his senior pictures. (Preston is a strange kid. He makes videos with his friends of them like jumping off cars into bushes, off roofs into bushes, into the river from a bridge with a box on...etc. Anyway, I think he'd be fun to take pictures of because they could be totally different from any other pictures.)
-Amanda, the girl that cuts my hair, called me on Monday and left me a message about taking her family's pictures. She didn't tell me how many people and I was working at the time. I called her back yesterday but I guess she doesn't work on Tuesdays, so I left her a message. She said it'd be sometime in November.

For now I should take a shower. I have to work from 2-6 today. (boo)
When I get home I'm going to try to install those programs...wish me luck as I'm not good at technical computer problems...I fix things by rebooting the computer, just like an old man would.

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