Sunday, September 6, 2009

That is Katie's cousin. I met them at Krug Park yesterday at 2 to take her pictures. Katie had told me that she was in some way mentally handicapped. I had no idea what to expect! It was an alright time. She doesn't talk, but she'll do a couple of signs. She'll also try to run away if you won't catch her. I really don't think she liked to have her picture taken. I'm sure it was strange to have this huge lens pointing at you, especially when you don't know the person holding it.

I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm working until 12 (I was supposed to work til 1, but I gave one of my hours to Lauren, so I'm excited to have time to eat lunch before taking pictures). At 1 I'm meeting Katie at Ferris Truck Stop. We're going to go to her house and take pictures. She lives in the country and she said it's pretty out there. She also has a horse that she wants pictures with, so I'm excited about that! Then we're going to go downtown and to Krug Park. I usually don't like going to Krug for pictures, but I really want to use the theater there. I want to stand on the stage and put Katie in the seats. Pretty...(in my mind it's pretty, at least)! I've also decided that I want her to wear her prom dress downtown. It's bright blue and I think it'd be lovely against brick.

For now I think I'm going to work on a box I'm decorating for Sarah, Ian's wife, and listen to some echoes studies. It'll be a good day.

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