Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look Alive

So, here's the thing: I really like this song.

It's called "Look Alive" and it's by Incubus. (I enjoy Incubus.)
"The hardest thing is rendering a moment moving too fast to endure"
That's my favorite line.

The thing about Incubus/Brandon Boyd is that I just like the way things are worded. Brandon has written two books: "White Fluffy Clouds" and "From the Murks of a Sultry Abyss." In them he has random writings, poems, lyrics, drawings, photos, etc. I like the layout and look of the books a lot. I like to read the writings, but I generally strongly disagree with what he's saying, or I completely just don't understand it. Let's face it, I'm not a metaphor understanding girl. I just don't get it.

Words are not my thing.

But, I read and enjoy simply because of the structure and flow.

I don't want to work just might be the longest 6 hours of my life! Yay!

Also, Saturday might be a pleasantly busy day. We're having lunch at my grandma's at noon. Then at 2 I'm going to Krug Park to take some pictures of Katie's cousin. Then at 6 Miles and I will be going to a wedding reception at Stony Creek.
Sunday I'm not working, of course.
Monday I'm working 7:45-1 then meeting Katie and her house. We're going to take her senior pictures! That should be fun. Miles has a volleyball game at 5:30, and I assume I'll be able to attend as Katie has to work at 6 that evening.

I'm excited to take pictures!

Oh! And I talked to my momma today about my grandparents' farm. She said the barn isn't standing but the house is and is in bad shape. I guess my grandma has wanted to make a trip up there and my mom wants to also. So, hopefully we can make that happen.

The End

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