Thursday, October 1, 2009

1:59 am

I feel pretty blah right now. I was scheduled to work 2-6 today, which sucks in some regards, but is awesome in others. Let's skip to the 'why it's awesome' aspects: 1) I don't have to wake up early 2) It's only 4 hours 3) There are usually 2 cashiers for most of the shift 4) I don't have to be there until 10:15! Jay ended up calling in early today (yesterday) so MaryAnn called and asked if I could come in at 4 and stay until close instead. I said that I could, of course. Working nights generally makes me feel not awesome because I come home hungry and not wanting to prepare anything. Like tonight I had planned on making tacos for dinner. When I got home I was too hungry wait to actually make anything, and it was too late, and Miles was sleeping, so I just ate some ramen noodles, cocoa pebbles and some bbq chips. Thinking of all of those things together is gross.


Anyway, I'm pretty stoked for Saturday. I'm taking LeeAnne's pictures. She wants a country theme which should be okay. I am ready for someone who doesn't want a country theme. I am ready for someone who wants some really, really super fun photos and won't think my ideas are stupid/crazy. Which brings me to Jessie! Jessie is Kristi's friend who goes to Lafayette. We're going to try to do her pictures on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I'm even more stoked for those because I think my ideas will fly better with her than anyone else. Then next Saturday is going to be Jay time. That'll be fun. Jay is so full of ideas and is so excited.

I really want to not work at Kmart anymore. I still enjoy the people I work with, for the most part, and I really don't mind actually working, but I'm just getting tired of it. I don't like not being able to cook dinner and having to put up with ridiculous customers. I really hate answering the phone while I'm trying to check someone out. And I hate getting scolded by Maggie and/or Eric for not chasing people out of the store (yo, bro, I'm not chasing people outside...last time I checked that was not my job). I also hate when Maggie comes in at night to shop and starts rattling off commands to me.

I just want to take pictures, edit those pictures, take more pictures, edit those pictures, and maybe design the occasional wedding invitation. I want to be able to decide when my hours are. I'd love to be able to hang around home on most week days just working on pictures and go take pictures on Saturdays. That'd be lovely. But, I guess if it's supposed to happen that way, it will. So, I'll wait and see how it goes down.

I just don't want to be at Kmart between November 1st and January 15th. No thank you, Ma'am.

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