Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a day.

Sunday night my sinuses started hurting.
Monday my throat hurt, my back hurt, I was cold, I was hot, and my stomach didn't feel awesome.
Today I had to work from 7:45 to 3. I was convinced that I'd be fine and that I would feel better being active. Miles told me to call in, but I mean, I thought I was fine...and I really hate being an inconvenience for anyone.
So, I went it. I really didn't feel horrible for the first hour. Then it was all down hill from there. When I went to lunch I bought a thermometer and took my temperature. It was 99.7, no big deal. I was freezing. I think I spent most of the day crouched down in the corner behind the service desk with the heater pointed at me. But, then I'd get super hot. There were multiple times when I almost started crying, because really it's not hard to make me cry, especially when I'm sick. When I went to break I took my temperature again, and that time it was 101.0. I told Dana, my cashier, and she kept telling me how I needed to go home. I just really didn't want to ask if I could go. I had told Steve, the store manager, that I felt horrible, and Erin, an assistant manager, knew that I felt horrible. I just hoped that one of them would tell me to go home, but of course they didn't, darn the luck. Dana kept telling Steve that he needed to send me home.
Finally it was 3, after the longest day of work ever...EVER! I was feeling a little better so I stopped and got a taco so I could eat really quick when I got home then sleep.
As I was getting onto Frederick from I-29, I was rear ended. Apparently someone thought it was a good idea to just put a stop sign at that intersection. I started to pull up slowly so I could see better, but it was incredibly difficult to see when anyone was actually going to be going. Then, a dude named Dana in a black truck, I believe it was a GMC hit me. I just started crying. Not really because I got hit, but because it had been an atrocious day and all I wanted to do was go home...and I was so close! He got out of the truck and we popped the trunk to make sure it worked, which it does. Both of our license plates are dented. But, the left brake light is loose, and the trunk no longer lines up correctly. Oy vey.
I had no idea what to do. I tried calling Miles but he was sleeping, which is what I figured. We pulled into the Days Inn parking lot and he gave me his number and said that his name was Dana.
Argh. Now he's pretty much dodging us. I should have called the cops, but I was just upset and had never been in a wreck before...and what can I say, I trust people.
He doesn't want to involve insurance because he doesn't want his premium to go up. The thing is that we are totally cool with not bringing insurance into it, if he's willing to pay the repair cost. When Miles called him he said that he didn't cause the tail light to be broken, and was very shady with his license plate number.
I came home after the whole ordeal and just started bawling. I woke Miles up and he started making calls. I like him.
The worst part about it is that I shouldn't have moved the car and I should have called the police.

In other news, I still don't feel great. I took my temp a few minutes ago and it was 100.3. I'm currently freezing and my back and neck hurt. I laid down from about 5:30 to 10. I didn't sleep well. I had the heating pad on for my back then I woke up sweating, so I turned it off and threw it on the floor. The rest of the time I was laying down I felt like I still had the heating pad on.
I made some soup, and ate very little of it. Miles ran to the store and picked me up some popsicles and Sprite. Again, I like him.

I don't have to work tomorrow, luckily, but I am taking some senior pictures. Let's hope I feel better so I can get those out of the way. I have a ton of pictures coming up! Saturday was McKenzie, tomorrow is Danielle, Saturday is some family pictures and Paige, sometime in the near future is a girl named Sarah, then the 7th is Zoe.

Now I think I'll go watch part of a movie with Miles while he eats some food before he goes to work.

I hope this all gets better!

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