Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I should be sleeping.

Yes, I really should be sleeping right now. I'm going to wake up at 7:45 in the morning. That will give me time to get ready for the day, finish some paper work, and maybe watch the new NCIS episode (YAY!) before going to Kansas City. Eek.

There are three main parts to tomorrow.

1. Appointment with the lady doctor.
2. Lunch and a trip to Gordman's with my momma, Mandy and Miles' momma.
3. Bible study

Miles invited a few people to Bible study tomorrow.
Matt K said he can't unless it's a super late Bible study.
Ally says she has midterms.
(Matt and Ally are both out of town.)
Bobby says he has class til 6 but might be able to come over after that.
Zach says he already has plans.

I just don't think people want to go to Bible study.

In other news, I've been super emotional the last couple of days. I attribute it to stress, mainly. I've been working on these senior pictures for what seems like forever now. I did get Leeanne's done. It shouldn't take too much horribly longer to get Jessie's done. And, I've only edited 3 of Jay's pictures. Starting with Jay I am going to go through the pictures and write down 100 of them that I will edit extensively. I figure that even if I don't tell him that he probably won't notice. I mean, I won't delete the rest, but only 100 will be vintagey, or black and white, or sepia, etc. That will reduce my work load tremendously.
I've been working about 5 days a week at Kmart, then coming home, editing pictures, and cooking dinner. Then I've been going out and taking senior pictures. It's been busy.

I was supposed to take Paige's senior pictures this coming Saturday. As of yesterday I won't be doing that anymore. DeKalb's softball team won districts so they'll be playing this Saturday. She wants to reschedule for the 31st, but I don't know if that'll work for me. Wanda put a note on the schedule saying that not everyone that asks for it off will get it off...so I figure we'll see when the time comes. If I am working on Halloween then we're going to try to do her pictures on the 14th of November. The reason this is important is that now I have a completely free Saturday! I asked to have it off work since I was going to be doing the pictures, and now I'm not...awesome. I will be happy.

But I guess now I should sleep. I am getting tired, luckily. And, I open Thursday at Kmart, so it'll help me to be a little tired tomorrow night.

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