Thursday, October 8, 2009

I just don't like football, okay?

Miles and I have come to my parents' house to watch the Missouri - Nebraska game. I just don't like watching football. It's confusing and boring and long and it makes Miles yell, jump, and run around the room. It's far too emotional.
My parents actually aren't here at the moment. They've gone to Uncle D's to eat dinner, but they're supposed to head back here after they're done. I've decided to make the night productive and do some laundry. I was thinking about working on my website, but then I realized that I just didn't want to.

I've been working too often, I think. I work Monday 7:45-3, Tuesday 7:45-3, Wednesday 7:45-12, today 12-4 and I work tomorrow 7:45-12. Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad, really, but I just don't want to wake up early again. Then next week I am working 7:45-2 Monday and Thursday, then I think I'm closing on Friday 3-10:15...and I'm working Tuesday but I don't remember what the hours are. Either way I have Wednesday off for my dreaded doctor's appointment (ugh).

Saturday I am taking Jay's senior pictures. It should be a good time and I'm really hoping that it's not horribly cold, cloudy or windy. I am stoked to get to actually use my new lens, though. I got it on Tuesday and I haven't really had a chance to use it. It'll make me happy. I think Miles is coming along for those pictures, so that should be alright.

In other, more excited, news: I had Taco Bell for dinner tonight and it was delicious. I had a double decker without lettuce and a crunchy taco without lettuce. Nummy.

I've been thinking about other things I could do with my photography stuff. I'm not really sure about the whole thing.
This is my new idea:
Senior-esque pictures but with non-seniors. Basically, just charge like $75 to go out for a couple of hours and take pictures of people (probably girls, because guys aren't huge models). Just have fun with it and they get to basically just be like models.
I think it'd be fun, but then again I also think that every girl that I take pictures of needs to want to wear a dress...and they don't seem to agree. Maybe I'll try to do something of the sort in the future, but probably not.
But, I was talking to Justin the other day about my new lens and pictures I've been taking. I told him how I just need a girl to wear a dress because it's so much prettier and it would be more fun for me to take and edit the pictures. Basically, a girl standing by a wall in jeans and t-shirt is just a girl standing by a wall, but a girl standing by a wall in a flowy (that's not really a word...what?) dress is so much more interesting and pretty! Anyway, Justin said that I should tell everyone that they can wear whatever they want and however many things they want, but tell them they should bring something semi-formal. I like it!
I'll suggest it to my next couple of girls.

Maybe I'll find some other way to occupy my time here. Too bad I can't edit pictures while I'm here...that's really what I should be doing. Oy vey.

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