Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm about 60% done with Trisha's pictures. Only 60%!
I've barely started on Jamie's family pictures!
And Mandy, I'm sorry, but I haven't worked on any more of your family pictures!

Oy vey!
I'm trying to work, work, work away at them.

Today I worked 2-10:15. My legs hurt.
Tomorrow I'm helping Trisha (different Trisha from the aforementioned) with her photo project. Really I should be spending my time working on my myriad of photo projects, but I just can't say no to helping!
And Amber doesn't have to work tomorrow evening so as of now I'm planning on making her come over to eat sketti.
I'm sure plans will change, but I think it's a nice, rough outline of the day.

I think I'd like to have a baby.
Maybe, baby? I think so.

They're just so cute.


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  1. YES! Have a Baby!!!! NOW!!!! I'll forgive you for not editing my photos yet if you have a baby! BABY, BABY, BABY!