Friday, November 6, 2009


I just finished Danielle's pictures!
I still need to edit Paige's pictures!
Tomorrow (today) I'm taking Sarah's pictures!
I was supposed to take Zoe's pictures Saturday but she's been sick so she's postponed (to the 21st)!
I got a call about taking some photos of Trisha's (girl from East Buchanan who has asked me about taking senior pictures) mom's grandson...aka Trisha's nephew!
I asked Trisha if she could switch from the 21st to this Saturday and she said no!

The 21st is going to be a crazy, crazy day!

Saturday night I'm going to Cracker Barrel! I'm stoked!

I have a feeling the power is going to go out tonight. I don't know that it's storming or even raining at all, but I did hear something that sounded like thunder.

I'm hungry and tired. Tired definitely wins because it's 3:30am and I have to wake up around 10 to take senior pictures at 1.


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  1. I figured out how to post comments! Guess what you can expect from now on? YAY!