Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We spent the day in Kansas City at design firms. First we went to Bernstein-Rein, which seemed okay at first. Then we went to eat. I had Panera, which Miles had told me that I wouldn't like. Surprise! I was neutral toward it. I had chicken noodle soup and it was okay. Not bad, but I'd never go get it again. After eating we walked around the Plaza for a little bit then went to Blacktop. Blacktop was the best one. It was laid back and the people were nice. The last one we went to was Design Ranch. It was very sterile, as I think Megan put it. White walls, straight lines, wood floors. It was nice, but small. Very, very small. I'm sure it's a nice place to work but the lady that owned it kind of scared me.

I have too much to do. (There is always way too much to do!)
In an hour I need to head back to school for Portfolio. I think we're only going to meet for a little bit, so that's good. I am going to print some pictures for photography.

Now I'm full on sweet tea. Ugh!

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