Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am going to cut my hair like that after the wedding. I figure I should leave it long enough to put up and what not for the wedding, but I think I like it there.
But, I'll cut it then wish I hadn't. It always works like that.

Portfolio is tonight. I hate that class! I don't hate the actual class. I don't hate the people, teacher, or any of the stuff we have to do (other than the thought of having to create something in Flash), but I hate that it's 5 hours long. Plus, I always eat junk on Tuesdays so I never feel well in there. I should take some stuff to eat tonight. We have bananas here.

So, I am going to search for some photos to print for my senior show (I think we'll be able to each have more pieces than we had planned) then make my way to school. I think I will change to some more comfortable pants before I go. These jeans are just stupid.


  1. I will rock the sweat pants if you will!?! I always feel like such a slob in that class but seriously five hours should = a mandatory dress code of nothing more that 100% fleece or cotton stretchy pants! Agreed?

  2. Agreed! I've already changed. Now I seem to be wearing a grey sweatsuit...not on purpose though!