Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two in one day, this has to be a record.

I need to clean. My room is driving me insane. My car is too, actually.

So, I spent a few hours at school today. Luckily my encounter with invitation making improved.

I've realized why my business cards didn't upload correctly. I shall reupload them at some point in the future.

Maybe I do like designing things. Oh no! After I showed Aimee the invitations I designed for our wedding she told Josh, aka brother-in-law, that I should design wedding invitations. I would love to do that! I think it'd be fun...and totally not selling something. Oh how I'd love to not have to put prices on things I design.

The first senior show is this next Monday. I'd love to go, but for some reason I thought there was a possibility I'd have the day off. HA! Of course I don't have the day off. Next week I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. What is going on?! Sure, it's only a total of around 20ish hours, but 5 days. The thing is that I need some time to just get some work done. I'm not one of those, "Oh man, I only work three days this week!" I'm one of those, "Oh man, I work 3 days this week!" I have asked for the 30th off though...and April 11-13. I like asking for days off.

Tis time to sleep. I like to sleep.

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