Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So, I'm still sick.

It's now 8:30 pm on a Tuesday evening.  Generally I would be in my Portfolio class until 9:50 going crazy because 5 hours is way too long for one class.  Tonight I am still in class, but not technically in class.  Make sense?  Okay, so, we turned in our stuff for midterm by 7 and now we can leave whenever.  Of course I can't!  That would be too easy.  Instead I am sitting here working on a PowerPoint about Michelle Black, a photographer who I love.  No, I don't love, love her, but I am a big fan.

It's taking forever.  PowerPoints always take me hours upon hours to finish.  I wish I could just wrap this up and go home.  I'd love to go eat some corned beef (I actually really love that stuff) then go to bed.  I'm starving.

Today I've eaten half of a banana, 3 crackers with summer (somer?) sausage and cheese and a thing of yogurt.  I generally eat for the fun of it.  I've been hungry today, but nothing sounds good.  But, luckily, corned beef does, and there should be some at my house tonight.  I hope it's not gone by the time I get home.  I'd cry.

I guess it'd be best if I did get back to work.  I mean, I would like to keep babbling on about absolutely nothing, but I would like to go home and eat food a lot more.


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