Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am ready to get out of this house.

Originally I was supposed to take pictures of my cousin Kenzie tomorrow (Thursday). I don't think that's going to happen. I get out of class around noon and have to work at 5. With my time I think I'll go to Hastings and try to find a magazine with an article about modern American art and start to clean my room.

My room is a disaster. I had cleaned it not too awful long ago, then I brought home boxes from work to use for packing. I have nowhere to put anything so it all just sits around in here. Then I have newspaper on top of the boxes, and bags on top of that. We've been buying wedding stuff so I end up acquiring a lot of that stuff...and again I have nowhere to put it. Also, my lighting kit used to be housed in my car, but once my window was shot out I took out everything that could be of any sort of value. I really need to move it back. It's taking up space!
Also, I think I have a mouse living with me...and not by choice. I guess I can't blame that possible mouse, I mean, I have boxes on one side of the room and clothes on the other. There's no wall space anywhere along the edge.

I really gotta get this place cleaned up. Having my room like this just frustrates me. I try to walk to my closet and hit my leg on a box or air conditioner. I trip on shoes and knock pictures off my desk all the time.

I think it'd be better if I don't take pictures tomorrow. It'll give me time to get some more packing done.

I worked tonight 5-9. Initially I was supposed to work on checkouts, but Hannah asked if I wanted to trade her for Home Decor. So, I was in Home Decor. I got a cart so I could gather my go-backs. I couldn't find a place on the shelves for this Martha Stewart pitcher and glasses set, so I pulled out a trusty RMU, but of course it wouldn't let me log on. So, Kristi pulled out her more trusty RMU and found out that there was indeed no home on the shelves for it. So, I did a price check to see if we still even had it in our system or if I should damage it out. It was still in the system but had been clearanced out for $3.00. I bought it. I couldn't resist. It comes with a glass pitcher, 8 regular sized glasses and 8 smaller glasses. Of course the pitcher is heavy, but who cares? $3.00!

I'm proud of that purchase.

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  1. O my gosh what a good deal, I am jealous! I need a pitcher!