Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm stressed. It's making me breakout. I have to work tonight.


Work shouldn't be bad. It's only 4 hours, after all. It would just be so nice to not have to work.

I got the postcard/invitations back for our senior show today. They look good! I'm quite happy with them. My group has all turned in addresses and Gladys said they should be done by tomorrow. That is a sigh of relief. I'm so stressed about this whole senior show thing. I've decided I am going to offer to buy all the food (and possibly drinks) and take care of getting it there and everything, if everyone will pay me back. I think that would be the least stressful way for me to accomplish that.

I've been working on wedding invitations lately. I think we're pretty far on getting those together. I need to write on and fold returning envelopes to put into the invitation, and add pocket calendar things for Family Radio. Our envelopes look so unofficial, but I don't mind. I think the invitation itself is much more important than the envelop.

Well, I am off to work( :( ).

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