Saturday, March 7, 2009


I had a beautiful introduction all typed out (so, it wasn't beautiful, but you don't know that for I can say that it was, ha!).....

then my power went out.


Anyway, umm...I'm blogging like a mad man.

I woke up at 5:45 this morning. I had to take the exit exam for school this morning and I had spent the night at Miles' house. My alarm was set for 6:15, so I could come home and get ready and be there by 8:50. Miles woke me up at 5:45 and asked if I wanted coffee and breakfast. So, I had coffee and breakfast.
The exit exam wasn't horrible, but it was stupid. The math was nice. I like math (what a weirdo).
After I got done with that Miles and I went bowling. I lost the first game...I was using an 8 pound ball. In the middle of the second game I decided that I should try a big ol' 10 pounder. Right off I got a strike. I ended up winning that game. Then we played another, I got my best bowling score ever in my life. 138! Spectacular. I would have probably gotten past 150, but I sucked it up in the 10th frame.

In other news, my back hurts from standing for five and a half hours. No, it's not terribly long, but it still hurts.

I always get so bummed when something makes me lose what I've written.

I do ramble a lot. It's never about anything important, either. It gets to the point where whoever I'm talking to will blatantly stop listening and start talking to someone else. I'm convinced they aren't even trying to be covert about it.
I like the idea of not having to care if anyone reads anything. And not caring if they do read it and are annoyed. Oh well. It happens.

I used to blog often. First it was LiveJournal. Then it was Xanga. Then the occasional MySpace blog. Then the even less often Facebook note. Now this? Don't expect it to last for long.
Maybe I should try to keep it up. I mean, I am going through some things. No, not bad things. I'll be graduating college, looking for a job at a horrible time, and getting married. Oh, I am ready to get married. I want to move from my house and live with Miles. We're good together.

I look forward to not being around all the clutter that is in here. I like to have a clean space...but that is hard when the amount of things you own takes up more room than the room you actually have available.

I like to take pictures. I bought bubbles as an accessory for pictures that I wish to take of people (senior, children, engagement, wedding (ehhh, kinda), etc). I wanted to see how the bubbles would photograph. It's nearly impossible to get photos of bubbles when you are the one that has to make them and take the picture on a windy day.

You know, I like The Bible. People often tell me I should read other books and sometimes I respond with the "yeeaahhh..." that means, "I don't want to say no, but there is no way I'm going to read that..." I'm sure it sounds closed minded to people, but I just read my Bible. That is my reading material.

I think it is now more important that I wash some clothes and clean off my bed. I'm a tired lady. Miles is supposed to come over so we can watch movies. I like that boy.

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  1. yes! I get to be the first to comment- so you inspired me to update my blog because frankly, I almost gave up- I just am not always that interesting! lol- you however, should continue- BECAUSE, I will read!