Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I went to lunch with my grandma. We went to KFC and it was tasty.
After we finished we stopped by Payless so I could check out their dyeable shoes. I found some and I think they're adorable.They'll be satin and blue. I'm stoked. The blue that I think they're going to be isn't exactly the blue that I had in mind (but it's close enough not to fret over). So, instead of having blue dresses for the bridesmaids I think we're going to go with brown and some kind of blue accent. That way I can match the blue accent to the shoes and not have to worry about the blue of the dress not being the same blue that's on the vests.

I really didn't get much done today.

First I did the lunch thing with my grandma, then I went to check out the shoes, and came back home to watch Collin while my mom got her nails done. He's a funny kid and he calls me Isa. We were supposed to take photos for my senior show stuff today...but I wasn't notified of any happens concerning that...so as far as I know nothing happened. Oh well! It was nice to have a day away from school, even though I just feel like I've skipped classes, and I hate that feeling.

I also didn't take pictures of Kristi like we had originally planned. It was not a pretty day out.

Tonight we're taking Miles to Red Lobster. It's a mediocre place to go when you don't like sea food.

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