Thursday, April 16, 2009

This may be redundant.

I was going to just add to my last blog. The problem with that is that I just don't want to. Starting fresh is always nice.

Okay, let me recap...kind of. Saturday Miles' mom and Mandy threw me a bridal shower and it was lovely. Miles' mom made a beautiful cake and I am not officially a pink hatter? I guess I am considered a pink hatter, since I am younger than 50. Princess Daughter Alysa. I sure hope the red hatters aren't a secret society and don't have spies that will come after me for telling this information. As far as presents go we got a comforter, the bathroom set that we wanted, a set of kitchen utensils, a pack of five different cooking pans (I think I am supposed to make Mandy tons of desserts using these pans. The problem with that is that I'm not a good cook or baker.) and a glass leaf that I believe is to hold olives and things of the sort. If we use it it will hold skittles, m&ms and peanuts.

As my mom and I were leaving the shower Miles called me. He said he was going to go look at an apartment at 4 by his work (I talked to him at 3:36). I ran my mom home, picked up my book bag, then drove up to the radio station where I met Miles. We went to meet the owner of the place and he showed us around. It's a good location, not too costly, close to Miles' work (very close) and big enough for us. The only issues I had with it were purely aesthetic. Bright white walls with dark wood molding, old intricate cabinets, wallpaper on one wall in the bedrooms. Miles called out there the other day to see if all of the apartments were the same. They said that they've updated a bit and the guy that lives in the apartment we saw has lived there for a long time, so it hasn't been updated. Also, there's a good size balcony/porch thing in the front that's all covered. The kitchen is a pretty good size for an apartment, too.
Tomorrow we are supposed to go look at Chapel Ridge off Riverside. They look nice online, and would cost about the same. I think Miles really has his heart set on those places by his work, though. I guess we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

There isn't much time left this semester. I feel like I'll be back in the fall, though. How strange will that be...not having to come back? I don't even feel like the semester should be close to being over. Last night Trisha and I went to school with the intention of working on plates for Printmaking. I had gotten word that the new plastic plate had been hurt and it seemed as though it wouldn't be good for anything. We decided to work on Portfolio instead. I got a few things done, so that was good.

Today in Printmaking Trisha and I prepared two more plates each for us to work on. We have to have five plates at the end and we had cut one big plate into fourths, so today we cut one of the fourths in half. Now we have!

It's going to be strange not coming back to school. Almost sad...
There are people I've just really started talking to last or this semester. I want to keep in touch with them...yes, I think I want to.

I'm tired. Last night I was at school until 3 working on stuff. I didn't get as much done as I should have, but it was still fairly productive. I got to sleep around 4:15 probably, and woke up at 7:45 or 8 this morning. I planned on taking a nap before going to work tonight, but I don't really feel like it. I think I will just write some more in here, read a chapter of Luke and edit pictures. Around 4 I will really be regretting the decision to not sleep...especially since I am sitting with a heater at my feet which always makes my eyes super tired.

Tonight I want to cook Miles dinner. I don't know what I'll make exactly...but something that is hopefully delicious, but not too adventurous since I won't have a ton of time to work on it. Hopefully I can get to sleep right when he leaves for work around 11:45 tonight. I'm really very excited to sleep.

This Saturday Aimee is putting on a bridal shower for me. There seems to be a lot of people that are either not going or leaving early or showing up late. I guess I just have too many things going on this spring. Too many things for people to attend. It's like I'm telling everyone, "Okay, so I am going to need you to devote April through June to me. Okay? Okay, good."

Now I think it's time for me to get to picture editing and reading.
OHHH I'm so tired.

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  1. 3 AM?! You are a crazy productive lady! I cannot wait to hear what you make Miles for dinner and how it goes- I have chicken in the oven and am going to make chicken parm. tonight- its the first night I have cooked in weeks- yes, you should stay in touch with those us you are leaving behind :(