Friday, April 3, 2009

I have to work at 3:30. I don't want to. I would much rather go to work at 5. They should have given me the option, how inconsiderate! Okay, I do understand that it's not inconsiderate at all, I'm just being a baby. Just let me be a baby.

I have new ideas for photo! They're totally unoriginal and have probably been done many times over...but what matters is that I have not done them. Once I get some taken and edited I will post them. I think I'm going to like them.

Tomorrow at 12 I'm going out to eat with Trisha, her boyfriend, a few of her friends, Miles if he's awake, and Megan (are you going Megan? I hope so!) for Trisha's birthday. That should be a pretty good time. Then I have to work from 3-9:15 (even more ugh than today!)

Now I have to go to work. Psh

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  1. No, I will be out of town tomorrow, but I wish I could be there?! I did, my mom said I could borrow hers, and it is very nice so that would work-- Its just hard to get past how convenient the other schedule is but I do think photo would be more fun!